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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Song For My Dad

Erm, this is an improvised song produced within one hour including all the melody, lyric, singing and recording.  Guess this is the first time I post about my own song in my blog. The quality isn't good enough but please don't ask for too much. I am an extremely lazy beginner ok! LoLz.

This song is especially for my cute dad on Father's Day. Honestly, there is something happened this morning where I got so mad at him. He called me and his tone was like.. scolding? He might be mad at something at that time but he shouldn't show his anger at me right! Moreover, I was sleeping at that time!! >___<

However, when he came back home, both of us were like nothing happened. Hahaha!! I know his style is like that and I also know as a daughter, I should bear with him. But it's too hard. My temper is really.. very bad. TOO BAD!! LoLz..

Whatever, wish my cute dad a very happy father's day and I LOVE YOU always. Muacks! =D

And also not to forget to wish all the papas all over world a very happy father's day and stay healthy always!!



  1. if your voice louder then will be better. =] the piano sound too loud. xD

  2. nice, touched, hope ur dad listen it too

  3. wa.. good voice and music, you have super talents!


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