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Thursday, June 9, 2011

HTC Sensation: A Multimedia Superphone

I wonder how should I start this post. Should I start it with YES!! YEAH!! FINALLY!! YUHOO!! HIAK HIAK HIAK!! EE-HA!! or whatever to express my excitement! Haha! No more HTC HD7, no more HTC Desire HD. At last, I have chosen  HTC Sensation instead of HTC Incredible S! Well, that's actually an action on a sudden impulse. XD

Ok, it is really extremely slim. It is not ungainly or cumbrous at all. And it looks much more dignified and noble! With its large screen of 4.3-inch, I can enjoy the movies, videos and pictures more! Since it is of the same size with my old phone, HD2, so it doesn't surprise me much although the screen for Sensation is somehow longer compare to HD2.

  • CPU Processing Speed: 1.2GHz, dual core.
  • Platform: Android with HTC Sense
  • Storage: Internal Phone Storage: 1GB, RAM: 768MB; Expansion Slot: microSD MMC 8GB
  • Camera: 8MP Color Camera -- Auto focus and dual LED flash
  • Front Camera: VGA fixed focus color camera
  • HD Video Recording: 1080p HD video recording
And bla bla bla~ Ok, I found it too much to conclude here so if you wish to know more you can go to its official website HERE

I just got it yesterday and I have not really explored it. Perhaps, today is the best time for me to explore it. Wuahahahaha! Oh ya, I had tried its camera just now.

First attempt: I seldom use front camera so I don't know where to focus!! XD

Second attempt: Much more better. XP

I forgot the picture was taken using front or back camera already. XD

Will share more comments after exploring it.


  1. wa, so nice. buy one for me. haha

  2. I thought you have iPhone dy?? ==

  3. wooshh so canggih! i duno how to use these kind of tech hp eh...eventho im a budak IT...haishh memalukan saja~ =P

  4. iphone not good. not super one.

  5. Magdalene, Now only I know you are a budak IT! Hahaha
    Dear Joan, iphone not good?? o.O


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