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Friday, June 24, 2011

F&N Fun

Here I come to update my blog! Today, I am going to share some good stuff with you all! It is an activity organized by F&N and I knew it through the friendly F&N crew I met yesterday. They came in the shop with an iPad2 and at first I thought they gonna sell their iPad to me! How can I afford that? Haha!

Then, they asked me to sign in my Facebook account using their iPad2 and LIKE the F&N Fun page and share it out! What are the prizes?? Notice only the SPREAD THE OOOMPH PRIZES ok!

See the prizes?? They are excellent and fantastic right?? Well, as long as you have a facebook account then you can join the contest!! HOW??

Log in your facebook account and search F&N Fun page and LIKE the page!! Then, follow the instructions below!


2. Then, click the button CLICK HERE!! =)

3. Allows the page to unload first! Wait patiently ya!

4. Click the SPREAD & WIN!!

5. Read the rules carefully and don't worry about the questions! They are very easy!!

6. Click the options shown in red box. They are the correct answers! Ignore my stupid face ok! =P

7. Fill in your details in the table! Don't use fake ID ok!

8. The rocket is in the air! Click the SHARE button!

9. Share and post the event to your wall! =D

10. Now you can start asking your friends to click on your unique link just like what I have done yesterday!

Therefore, if you see me sharing similar link in facebook, please don't be stingy to give me a click ok? Appreciate the click(s) a lot! Have a nice day everyone! =)


:) :( ;) :D ;;-) :-/ :x :P :-* =(( :-O X( :7 B-) :-S #:-S 7:) :(( :)) :| /:) =)) O:-) :-B =; :-c :)] ~X( :-h :-t 8-7 I-) 8-| L-) :-a :-$ [-( :O) 8-} 2:-P (:| =P~ :-? #-o =D7 :-SS @-) :^o :-w 7:P 2):) X_X :!! \m/ :-q :-bd ^#(^ :ar!

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