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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai

Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai!!

It is Hari Gawai today and it is not much different than any normal days for me. WHY? Because I am not celebrating it OK!! LoLz. Btw, still wanna wish those who are celebrating a very Happy Gawai!! XD

I am happy today because my parents and my elder brother's son, Lawrence have finally reached Kuching today! Yuhoo! Miss them so much! Little Isabelle got so excited as well. Then, I will be going back to Sibu on this coming Saturday with them. It is time to go back to my own hometown!! =)

I was going to bus station to fetch them at that time. =)

Isabelle and Lawrence were reading story books which were bought for Elaine and Selina. 

Oh ya, an accident happened when I was bathing just now. When I was going to close the cover of my shampoo, I wonder why and I wonder how, a drop of the shampoo flew into my right eye. You just cannot imagine the burning feeling it brought.

I was panic at that time. So I quickly took off my contact len, then I used the sprinkle shower to wash my eye regardless of its strength and it was so damn painful!!! My tears kept dropping and everytime I closed my eyes I can feel the burning in my eye!! I washed for quite a while the finally the pain has gone. I was so scared that I might get blind after that you know! Phew~~

The sprinkle shower head.

Then, I looked for tips to get the shampoo out of eyes on internet and this is what I have found...

1. Calm down. When you are nervous you just panic, which doesn't make the situation any easier.

Yes, this is true because I got so panic just now and I was like a monkey jumping here and there looking for solution. I even think of running out to ask for help from my mum. Haha!

2. Immediately turn the tap to hot water. Cold water will only hurt your eyes more. Wash your hands of any shampoo first.

I am lucky because I was bathing using hot water at that time! Remember to use the tap water but not the sprinkle head directly! It will only cause more pain!! >___<

3. Open your eye as wide as possible, and splash some water into it.

The only thing you can do is open your eye widely because once you close it, the burning effect comes!!

4. Alternatively you could cup your eye with a hand, as if you were holding a small basketball to your eye. Minimize the gap between your face and the bottom of your hand, and allow water to flow into the small cup between your face and the palm.

Apparently I don't understand what does it mean. XD

5. Wipe shampoo off your forehead so that it doesn't continue to flow into your eyes. Use your arm if your hands are covered in shampoo.

Well, the shampoo got into my eye before I applied them onto my hair so this step is not necessary.

6. Repeat until shampoo is all gone.

Ok, that is all. I am so relieved that my eye is okay now. Please, take good care of your eye and if the same accident happen on you next time, don't forget the tips ok!! =D


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