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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Parent's Day!!

I went for dinner with my family just now at Sheraton Restaurant Sdn. Bhd. It was a celebration of Parents' Day (Combination of Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day) organized by the clan of TIE. So you can imagine more than 90% of the people attending the dinner are with surname TIE. Haha! Then, I took some times to edit the photos, upload them and now I am ready for this new post. However, since it is getting late already so I would like to make it a post with less words. =P

Firstly, a picture of mine before going out. I got make up oh! With fake eyelashes. Haha! =D

Trying to camwhore in the car but the sunset was too bright so Elaine closed her eyes. XD

My mum and I. After the photo, I asked her :" Mama, do I look pretty not?? " then she answered :" Yes, very pretty. " Hahaha! So 'pei he' one. LoLz!

Then, a photo with my handsome dad. Haha!

Panjang and Elaine with Clement busy playing Angry Birds as parts of the background. 

My parents and Elaine. Erm, the cutest award should go to my dad. Wuahahaha!!

My super nice parents. =D

Another photo of my cute dad with Hieng Wei!! So cute!! >__<

Hieng Wei, my cousin's son. So damn cute de lor!!

Steven and Hieng Wei. Hieng Wei loves Steven a lot!! LoLz..

Do you know what did the lucky '15' bring to us??

A PRESENT!! What's inside??

10 packs of Mi Sedap. Hahahaha!!! Better than nothing mah! =P

Yes, my mum was on the stage singing with a group of women. I got so shocked when I first knew that she's going to sing! She even attended the practices few days ago. Haha! Where's my mum? My dad said that's too obvious. Look for the shortest. Shh.. =X

Ok, I will NEVER miss the dishes of the night.. LoLz..

The BEST DISH of the night too!

Guess that's all for this post. I'm going to sleep since it's really late already! I'll be going to church tomorrow morning with Panjang's family. Good night everyone! Sweet dream! =D


  1. My dear so pretty bah! Love~~ >_<

  2. 2nite is my turn to go tat dinner..but i don;t think i will got for the 公会 crowed...i think i will celebrate with my dad 2moro lo..or next week...

  3. o.O Thx my dear Joan. YOu are far more prettier! LoLz..
    KNS, Haha! next week jz celebrate?? =.=


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