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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My New Pets -- Hamsters!!

Just like what I have updated on my status in Facebook last night, I have finally bought three cute little hamsters!! Yuhoo~ It has been so long time since I last rear a hamster. I used to rear a total amount of more than 10 hamsters at once but all of them are in the Heaven now. Hahaha! =P

I have named them 小黑(Little Blackie),小白(Little Snow White) and 小花(Little Flower). I think all of you should know the name of each hamster by just looking at their colors! Haha! I love them so much now! So damn cute lar!! =D

This is the cage I prepared for them last night but maybe it has been abandoned for so long so some parts of them were broken. Obviously, the roof is missing. Haha! And the water bottle has a leakage so the water kept leaking out. Blerk! So I decided to move them to another cage. (Well, I have four cages at all in different sizes!)

Ta daa~ A larger cage prepared for them this morning! At least the house is with the roof! And the water bottle is not leaking at all!! I think they should be happy with their bigger house by just looking at their exciting actions! They keep running and climbing here and there! Haha!!

From the video, you can see the Little Blackie is soooo funny squeezing here and there and also climbing here and there! It's just too naughty and too adorable!! Don't you think so? XD

Then, show you all a photo of mine. Not really related at all but just to update my stupid appearance after cutting the fringe on my own. It's just like being biten by a mouse!! That's the point I put my photo here. Wuahahaha!!


  1. 之前我有养,但是都死了T.T

  2. 哈哈哈!我之前养的也都死掉了!=P


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