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Monday, June 20, 2011


Another song done last night. Actually it was done few days ago and some of my friends had already heard it but I recorded it again last night since a lot of people saying that my voice was too soft. LoLz. I made it when I was still in Kuching. Lack of piano, lack of everything, I just hum the melody and recorded it using my phone. Then when I came back trying to play the companion, I just realize the range is too wide. The lowest part is too low for me and the highest part is too high for me. Sing until half death ler! >__<

Oh ya, special thanks to 永生@开心果 and 海书 for modifying the lyrics for me. LoLz.

Anyway, thanks for the comments for the last post. More comments please!


  1. too pro liao lo...go attend 星光大道了

  2. waseh, keep it up! write more songs~ you are talented !

  3. nice one!! voice sounds better liao~ maybe can improve with the musical arrangement to make it more professional. keep it up!

  4. Thank you thank you. If really wanna make it more professional I have to make myself familiar with the software! But not now lar. Gonna send my laptop to reformat soon. After that then I might consider to start with FL or cubase. IF ONLY I HAVE TIME FOR IT. LoLz..


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