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Friday, June 3, 2011

Let's Go To The Beach!!

Hi hi! I've been missing for one whole day and guess what, I went to Sematan Beach with my family! Just imagine, the sunlight, the sea breeze and of course the wonderful sea! I love that so much!! =D

Before, that, I would like to show you all a picture of mine before going to the beach. =)

Can you see a lot of pimples on my face??


Here's the answer...
~Do Re Mi~

We reached the beach at around 1.15p.m. Since it was too early to check in, so we went to the beach first!!

A funny moment of Isabelle captured by me. XD

Well, the little Isabelle was sick. She kept coughing. And that's the moment she was going to cough but then captured by me. XD

The beach is not far away... =)

Yes, we had reached the beach!! =D

Lawrence and Isabelle.

Yaya, she was sooo excited!! XD

And that's my beloved cute dad. Haha!

Gift from my dad.

Do you know what's that? At first, I thought that was something special because I dunno where he got that from but then he told me those are pine... =.="

Show you a picture of pine (松树) in case you dunno. XD

Do you know what is that???

Well, that's a puffer fish if I'm not mistaken and it is so nauseating! NO DOUBT! Puffer fish!! It was not being washed up on to the shore but I guess it was most probably the rubbish resulting from the BBQ session by others. Nah, show you the possible original look of the fish...

Hey, they look alike don't they? XD

Hmm.. What are they doing? (^o^)??

Haha! That's the answer!!

What? Cannot see it clearly? Wait...

Yes! Baby crab! =D

We had captured a lot of baby crabs and brought them back to resort. But no worry, we let them go when we were going to leave the resort. We were not killing at all ok!! =P

A gang of scouts was having activities on the beach as well. Do you know what were they digging?? Look at the red arrow... Yes! BANANA!! After they found the banana, they had to use their mouth to bring the banana back to the starting line. Yuck~~ =P

Then, it suddenly rained so we went back to the resort! The resort we stayed is named Union Yes Retreat & Training Centre. The fee for one night is RM299 for a room with one double bed and one single bed. The only thing I wanna complain is that its water system was really louzy. There was no water supply since evening until the next morning!! It is ok if you need to bath because you can go to the washing area located at the ground floor but how if you need the toilet but it can't be flushed? GROSS!!! Visit its website if you are interested.

Union Yes Retreat & Training Centre

Outside view of the room.

Outside view of the room.

Inside view of the room. XD

We all took a short nap and what's the activity after the nap?? SWIMMING!!! Although I dunno how to swim. =P

Lawrence in the pool. =)

Isabelle in the pool. =D

Haha! My skill was so good that I included everyone in one photo although they were in two different pools! Oh ya, look at the kid which the red arrow points at. He was really funny. I swear that I really dunno who is he. But maybe I looked like a bad girl or whatever that he kept splashing the water at me and he even talked to his friends:" We all splash the water at her!! " With that, I was wet and so I went into the pool and splash back. Wuahahahaha! I'm the head of the children. XD

Played for a while, we moved to the sea. Hiak hiak hiak. No photos were taken because I was in the water and my mum doesn't know how to take photo using my phone. =.="

Ignore my fat belly. =X

I was waiting for Lawrence to finish taking his bath so that I can take mine. Right after I finished bathing, there was no water supply. Ok, I am lucky. XD

Then, we went out to have dinner. After dinner, we came back to the resort and all of them directly went to bed!! It was only 9 something!! How could you ask me to sleep at 9 something!! But there was really no other entertainment so I just lie on the bed until I slept. So pity what... =(

The next morning, I was woken by my dad at around 6 something. They wanted to go the beach for a walk. I was sooo sleepy so I rejected. Then, around 8 something, they came back and once again I was woken by them. This time, they invited to go for a swim! 

The very sleepy me in pyjamas. XD

Well, it was 8 something in the morning and once again, we all went for a swim in the swimming pool!! Haha! What was different this time was that my dad was in the water too!! He told me he knows how to swim. But when we were in the water, I asked :" Why don't you swim?? " and he answered :" I can't swim. Keep sinking.. " LoLz!!

My dad with Lawrence. =)

I guess that's the reason why my dad is so tired now. XD

Isabelle is soooo cute and funny! XD

After swimming for more than 2 hours, although I was not really swimming because I dunno how to swim, we were all tired so we decided to go back to Kuching! Especially my dad, he kept complaining that he is very tired! Hahaha! And I asked :" Do you wanna go to the swimming pool after we go back to Sibu? " then my dad answered :" WHY NOT??? " WOW!!! LoLz!!

That's indeed an enjoyable and fun trip! Thanks to Vincent and Sharon for the trip and I guess it's time for me to take a nap. But it's already 4 something in the noon. I wonder, why do I take longer and longer time to write a post nowadays?? =.="


:) :( ;) :D ;;-) :-/ :x :P :-* =(( :-O X( :7 B-) :-S #:-S 7:) :(( :)) :| /:) =)) O:-) :-B =; :-c :)] ~X( :-h :-t 8-7 I-) 8-| L-) :-a :-$ [-( :O) 8-} 2:-P (:| =P~ :-? #-o =D7 :-SS @-) :^o :-w 7:P 2):) X_X :!! \m/ :-q :-bd ^#(^ :ar!

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