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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Have Fun With Maybelline!

Hi hi! New update here! I went to Guardian last night just to buy Maybelline's products! Why? It's because it's the last day of the 44th Anniversary Charity Bonanza! Donated RM5 and received a charity savings booklet last week and at first I was thinking to look for the comments of its products on the forum but I forgot to do so. So, I simply chose some products. =P

It is quite a waste honestly because I seldom make up. At most I'll apply make up base, brightener, then I'll cover my dark circle with BB Cream and last with loose powder. I seldom use eyeliner or whatever eye products. Lazy bah~

Maybelline BB Cream -- RM19.90

I wanted this for so long. It is not expensive but the size is to small!! That's why I consider for so long time but at last I bought it. There are two different colors but I have chosen FRESH. Hehe! It is said to brighten and even skin, cover imperfections, moisturize and protect the skin. Tried it last night and found out that it's smooth and easy to apply. But one thing to complain is that it is not sufficient enough to cover imperfections because my dark circles are still so damn obvious!! Maybe my dark circles are just too serious for any products?? >____<

Volume Express Cat Eyes Mascara Waterproof -- RM23.73 (Ori: RM33.90)
2-In-1 Impact Shadow Liner By EYESTUDIO -- RM11.83 (Ori: RM16.90)

Guess what, until I reached home then only I realized the mascara is the same with the Hello Kitty Mascara I bought at Kuching last year. Argh~ At first I wanna buy another type but I dunno why I chose this at last!! So sad! T^T However, it's ok lah! I don't really like to use mascara because it is hard to remove. =(

And the shadow liner!! I thought it is an eyeliner pencil but who knows that's a shadow liner which means that you can use it as eye shadow or eye liner. I tried it last night and it's so damn easy to apply!! Since my Kate eyeliner is missing so I think this one suits me better.

Ok, it's a must to cam-whore after applying so many stuffs on your face!! Haha!! End this post with my pictures! As you can see, my dark circles are still very obvious so the BB Cream doesn't cover well! 

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