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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


First of all, special thanks to Ivan for giving me a chance to write about!

It is the new generation of e-business owned by Yaminos Sdn Bhd and the company sells premium products online like: computers, cameras, game consoles and even cars, at very low prices.

Basically, it is a penny auction website which allows you to bid for your desired items and buy them with lower prices than you could imagine! Every single bid represents a raise of RM0.01 only! Doesn't that sound attractive to you? At least it is to me. =D


Well, I got so excited when I saw those bidding items and there is a lot more coming up soon! They have branded bags, laptops, refrigerator, iPod, iPad2 and etc for bidding now! Yes, I am sooo interested in those electronic products!! Wish to grab all of them! >___<
Sign up and learn how to bid now! It is soooo easy!!

No, you can't because it is still the beta version where you can only bid for fun. Well, there is no harm to practice your bidding skill now until their official launching date on 12/07/2011! Don't worry, all the kookies you spent will be returned once the official launching has been done.

Kookies are important because YOU NEED KOOKIES TO BID!!
Everytime you bid, the number of kookies will be reduced.
Sign up now as a free O2motomoto member and get 50 kookies for free and stand a chance to win an iPhone 4! Don't forget to join their facebook page!
What? 50 isn't enough for you? Sign in daily to receive 10 free kookies! It is that simply yet effective!

If you are reading this now, you are not too late for the great deal because they have PRE-LAUNCH PROMOTION right now!

The offer is just too irresistible!! All those things are far more worthy than a RM200! You can judge it by yourself! The extra benefits are only limited to first 500 members who purchase the RM200 AA Bid Package so please HURRY UP to grab the golden chances!

Well, if you think that's all for its promotion then you are TOTALLY WRONG!!
The first 10 members who joined as AA members, each of you will get a pair of GSC Movie Tickets for FREE!!

Hey, the great deal is not ended yet... What else you can get?




Dream for a vacation? It's not a dream anymore!
Sign up and purchase the RM200 Package then you'll have the chance to grab FREE travel vouchers available for 2 persons to the following locations: Shanghai, Guilin and Chengdu!


1. They are the the creators of "Entertainment Shopping" on the internet and they are also one of the first companies to combine referral program and entertainment.


It works by joining them and becoming an O2motomoto Affiliate Agent (AA) and then you can earn incentives by referring members to! It allows you to earn CASH REWARDS and BONUS KOOKIES from Bid Packages sales when you refer members to O2motomoto!

Sounds easy right? It is not a tough job with the assistance of social network pages such as facebook and twitters. Just imagine, with every purchase of RM200 AA Bid Package by your referral, you could earn RM100 cash!! WOW!! It's far more easier than 'begging' people to click the advertisements on your blog! Haha! *Just Joking*

Show you all a picture regarding the benefits from AA program.


Sign Up now and clicks BUY MORE KOOKIES as in the red box below:

Then, it will lead you to the page as below:

Click on the AA Bid Package with RM200 and then you will be qualified as AA and start your organization  immediately!

2. They have a new platform called "Reselling" where you can have a second chance to bid on the newly win products from the winners!

Basically, it means that if you have successfully won a product, you can place the item for second level of bidding and you can gain some CASH rather than the products! Yes, it is another chance for you to earn money! By the way, the winner has to make the decision to resell within 24 hours!

Click HERE to know more about the Resellauction!

It is absolutely simple and easy that even a clumsy person like me is managed to understand how it works and yeah, I am playing the bid everyday!! Why don't you join me and have fun together??



  1. chui ping, did you draw that by yourself?using what?photoshop?ajar saya :D

  2. I'm using a software called Paint Joy installed in my phone and yes, I use my finger to draw. =P


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