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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

J or 丁?

Haha! That's a true story ok! At first, I really felt weird when the host mentioned "特务DING". And he mentioned it for many times. I thought the dancing group purposely changed the title to suit their group name or what but then my cousin told me that it should be a mistake by the host. Wuahahahaha!!

It should be "特务J" by Jolin Tsai but the host mistakenly took the word "J" as a chinese character "丁" which is pronounced as "DING". XD


Here's the music video for the song "特务J" in case you don't know the song. But I think most of the people know it since it's quite popular.


  1. The host must be very old! Lolx! 特务J is not new song what? The dancer must be very swt! Ha ha! I can imagine their =.=''' face! Ha ha!

  2. Haha. Ya.. quite old liao.. 40+ gua. Haha!!


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