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Saturday, March 19, 2011

When I Am Really Young

This post is gonna be a real long post but don't worry, it's not going to be wordy because I am going to show you all lotsa pictures! Referring to the title, I guess you've got what I am going to paste about here. Here we go! =)
First, it would be the baby me with the handsome yet extremely young Panjang Tie. Now he has become an uncle already lor! Hahaha! My face looked fierce eh! My personality is showed since I'm still a baby! I am borned in Brunei so all these photos were taken at Brunei. =P
Look!! Look at my forehead!! So damn high and swollen! Few hair some more! Look like a big head child! Not cute ler! =(
Ok, I'm showing you my favourite soft toy in my life! I still remember I MUST hug it and 'kacau-kacau' its tail when I was drinking milk at that time! My mum 'curi-curi' dumb it at last and I cried real loud for that! =P
Err.. Cheong Sam Mui.. Haha.. Was it Chinese New Year at that time? I have no idea! Haha..
Yo yo~! Sexy me in water ler! With huge underwear. LoLz..
Who? Who teach me that pose?? I was not supposed to know how to act cute at that time! Who??
Ok, my mum answered the question. It's Panjang Tie!!
Why did I look so 'beh song' at that time? Anyone knows??
Ei, this pic looks cute ler! So chubby! I love it! Haha..
Whose sunglasses is that!! And who asked me to pose like that?? Victim under my mum or my brothers?? Once again, my mum answered the question. It's Panjang Tie again!! And the sunglasses was picked at some where! LoLz..
I love this pic as well because I looked sooooo lady-like! =P

I moved to Sibu while I was 3-year-old so the following pictures were taken in Malaysia! =)
Proudly showing you all the soft toys I got from my beloved parents and especially my brothers! I love to arrange them that way and say goodnight to every single one of them before I slept! Crazy huh! =P
Ok. I remember this pic. My mum was trying to be artistic at that time so she asked me to sit on the grass! Yerr.. Dirty eh! Haha.. This pic was taken at Bukit Aup!
With my cute cousin Hui Yin from Bintulu! Now she has become a super pretty lady lor! =D
 Another pic taken at Bukit Aup! Haih.. I got so many patterns ler!! LoLz..
Ok, I was being bad and naughty after that. Was I asking for something but failed? Or I still dun wanna go back at that time? Who knows!! =P My mum knows! She said I was asking for ice-cream at that time but no one was going to buy one for me! >.<
Ok, I was ready to go to kindergarten with my cousin Ching Tieh!
A photo with the big pig from my brother! Shh.. I forgot it's from which brother already. =X Guess what, this big big pig is still on my bed now! Hehe..
Yaya, it's me who helped the bear to wear the red dress. I just wanted it to look like the same with me. Wuahaha.. Red red de!
I dunno where was this place and why I was singing at that time. By the way, if you know me then you'll know I love to sing since I am really young! =) Err.. My cousin Hui Yin said that is at her house! LoLz..
A photo of me with many many cousins! Can you find me? =P
Again, me with my very pretty cousin Hui Yin! We were wearing the same pattern of dress ler! Her mum requested one! =)
Yerr.. I looked like a clown! Who bought that shirt?? LoLz..
Yoohoo! I'm graduated! Err.. Can you see the hole between my teeth? My teeth dropped at that time. Wuahahaha..
Ok, mum advised me to close my mouth when taking photo and I did it! LoLz

This post ends here because I looked so damn stupid and ugly after that. Haha!


  1. WOOTS! I like*
    especially, the one got 露点one. LOL

  2. I oledi put the *Love* *Love* there you still can see ah? 透视眼??

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