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Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm Interested In This Recently!

I'm intereted in Cross-stitching nowadays !! I have been sewing since few weeks ago. My first attempt was to sew a Scorpio Horoscope for my dear Joan but I failed. So Joan Tang, you are correct. Your angel which is me really fail doing your Scorpio so I did another one for you. LoLz.. The failed one still at my brother's house. Do you wish to have a look on it?
This is the one I did for Joan. Second attempt --> Jesus Love You! Then, I found myself addicted to this thing so I bought another few templates and frames! Even my room mate said that I'm crazy! =P
Third attempt --> A doggy head! I'm quite satisfied with this!
Fourth attempt --> Toy Duck with Love! Ugly ducky with deep brown mouth! =(
Fifth attempt --> Haha Panda!
There is a funny story behind this Haha Panda. At first, I purposely left some spaces on the top for the wordings. Then, I decided to sew the word "HAPPY" on it. After finish sewing the word "A", I found that there were not enough spaces for another three alphabets! So, I changed it to "HAHA" instead of "HAPPY"! LoLz! Stupid right? Hahaha..
Sixth attempt --> Kitty!
This was the lastest one which was done last few days. I modified it from the original template so it looks a little bit weird! LoLz.. All those frames and needles, threads needed were bought at Sakura's koperasi.
It looks like this and only costs RM1.00 for each package!!
And there is instructions too!!

This is the first time I try on the cross stitch because I'm not really interested in it before. I'm more into beads honestly! Maybe next time I can share with you about my beads production!! 

P/S: Joan Tang, I'm not purposely lying to you about the cross stitch oh. Please don't mind it oo! Sorry! ><"


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