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Monday, March 28, 2011

All In This Together 2011

I had attended a Graduating Class Dinner of 3rd Year Biotechnology Students at Merdeka Palace last Friday night. That was indeed an enjoyable night and I love it so much! =)
 This is the half hand-made yet creative invitation card prepared by the creative people in my class. The number 29 is not my lucky number because I din get any hampers that night. =(
And this is the door gift I got when I reach Dewan Muhibbah of Merdeka Palace! =)

Then, of course I have to take photo of everyone who's attending that night! Too bad my memory card was corrupted after that. Luckily I am managed to recover most of the photos but some were still missing. I know it! =(
Patsy (The Cutest Student Award Winner), Sheila, Tatang and Mimi (The Most Photogenic Student Award Winner). They look gorgeous right?
Peter, our most-of-the-time class monitor, Nana, Suhaili with Dwen standing behind. =)
The gorgeous Malay gangs in my class! =)
The very-slim Suk Hui, Siok Chin, super model Luan Jia (The Night's Beauty Award Winner) and super pretty lady Hui Chin!
Leh Ee, Amber (The Cutest Smile Award Winner), Kim Loong and Meldon's girlfriend. LoLz! I dunno her name lar! =P
Pey Ling, Meng Shin, Carl Miew (The Best Dress Award Winner) and Siaw Yin. =)
Louis, Cynthia, Hui Yik, Jenny (The Eeyore In The Class Award Winner) and the very smart guy Shing Cheng!
Ok, I left out Mathew at that time so here's a pic of him! Siaw Yin, Mathew and Louis! =)
XXX (I dunno who's that =X), Amalina, Nurul Ain (The Most Transformation Award Winner), Sabatini, Yen, Marly and Combie! =)
The GUYSSS in my class! Meldon, Aaron, Mathew, Kim Loong and Shing Cheng! =)
Melanie and Meldon aka the host of the night. They were also the king and queen of the dinner last year! =)
Finally I got back to my own seat for the food! =)
 Well, the food was so-so only because I was too excited and I had no appetite at all! Haha..
A photo of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cirilo with the girls. He's a friendly lecturer from Mexico! =)
A photo of me with Dr. Lee Kui Soon! A very friendly lecturer! Dr. Lee, you said cannot upload on facebook but you din say cannot upload on my blog right? =X

Then, the performances started!
No doubt! That's me singing on the stage! Now think back feel like dream. I was really on stage! LoLz.. Thanks to Hua Sien for the photo.

Then, it was the karaoke session! =)
A photo of Dr. Azham singing! The standing pose reminds me of Yoga Lin, a taiwanese singer! =P
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cirilo sang that night as well! So cute one! =P
Luan Jia, the queen and Aaron, the king of the night! Gorgeous!! =D

After that, it's photo-shooting session among the coursemates!! So excited what!! =P
Winnie, Jacqueline, Ivy and me. My dear Jacq, why did you close your huge pretty eyes??
First attempt with Hua Sien. It's blur but I love it! =)
Ok, here's a clearer one! My dear pretty + gorgeous Hua Sien!!
My very best yet awesome award presenting partner, Hui Chin! =)
Cute Carl Miew and I. She acted cute alone so I requested to act cute together...
Here it is! Du Du mouth! =3
A photo of pretty Ivy with me! Thanks for fetching me that night ya! =D
I love this pic a lot!! Love you guys~ =D
You see! They all got hampers but I din get!! ='(
By the way, I got my award!! So touching.. T.T My very first medal in Unimas although it's not a formal one. Hahaha!
Me with the piano at the lobby of Merdeka Palace! Hehe..
Ivy's camwhoring while waiting for Cynthia but the main character of this pic is not Ivy but the ghost-like ME!! =X

We reached hostel at around 1am and I continue cam-whoring~!

Ok. Finally I've updated the complete entry for this post. I'd tried for two times at computer lab of faculty but I dunno why the post appeared half only. So irritating! By the way, I miss fast internet line. =(


  1. TCP!! hehehe..please kindly upload those pics in ur fb.. want to copy2 maa.. heeee

  2. Err?? I thought Hua Sien uploaded already? Which you need? LoLz..


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