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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Very soon, it's every Muslim's big big day!! It's HARI RAYA~~ Oh ou oh Balik Kampung~~!! Ok, I'm now at my own's "kampung" updating this entry. Spent a little time to draw the above picture to welcome the festival. And it actually speaks out my mind. GIVE ME FOOD!! I want all those curry, beef rendang so badly!! Can't wait until tomorrow!! LOL

Holiday has come but it's not for me. I still have to work tomorrow, Monday and even Tuesday. However, by working for that three days, I'll be entitled for 3 days replacement leaves!! By that time, I've collected enough replacement leaves for my vacation on coming October!! I'm going to KL and Singapore with classmates during secondary school! Hooray~ Can't wait for that! I need to relax to the max and get motivated to enjoy my life more! =D

This year, I have Malay colleagues which means that I HAVE HOUSES TO VISIT!! I want to eat all the delicious food! Can't wait can't wait I just can't wait for that!! Damn excited right now. I better calm down so that people won't be suspicious on my mental health. XD

A slight degression, Casandra's wedding on last Wednesday!!

Actually I'm intended to write about her wedding but
1. I don't have time. (10%)
2. I am lazy. (90%)

Me with the invitation card. =D

I had campaign that day at Standard Chartered bank and I reached home later than 6.30pm!! Rushed to bath and applied simple make up then my papa fetched me to the restaurant with motor and without helmet!! My dad asked me not to wear helmet to prevent my hair from becoming messy but in fact the strong wind made me look completely mangled out. Oh NO~~~

Reached there, found that the bride and bridegroom were still standing at the main door welcoming every friends and relatives. I felt so relieved and ran towards them to shake hand and entered the restaurant looking for my table. When I just sat down, the dinner started. THANK GOD I AM NOT LATE!!! T^T

Me with the bride!! We know each other since primary school!! More than 1o years!

However, we are not classmates. She's from the RED class and I was from BLUE class. And I forgot how we got so close at that time! LOL

Everyone from RED class EXCEPT ME!! I'm a spy!! XD

Wish her happy forever in her married life and wish everyone SELAMAT HARI RAYA!! =D


  1. 所谓能吃是福!祝happy eating raya!


    1. 哈哈!也祝你Selamat Hari Raya!!谢谢你哦!


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