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Monday, August 27, 2012

#1 Doggy's incident

The above incident happened during Hari Raya where I was pity enough to work half day. Since ABX wasn't working so we couldn't draw blood to ensure the quality of result. Therefore, when I saw the doggy, I was so happy and went out to play with it. And it really ate its own poo right in front of me!! Swt!

And I couldn't show that I'm flustered since I think it's quite rude especially in front of the owner who's a kind and friendly elder. So I slowly moved towards my office while I was still chit-chatting with her. LOL.

Btw, why does doggy eat its own's poo??

I tried to google and found the below explanation.

1. Maternal behavior
- To keep the environment clean and to prevent the scent to be discovered by other animals which will expose them to a dangerous condition

2. Imitation
- Doggy tends to imitate what it sees especially when it sees other dog cleaning the poo by eating it.

3. Inappropriate punishment
- Punishment by the owner caused the doggy to be scared and it tends to destroy the evidences!!

4. Absorption problem
- Doggy might have absorption problem and therefore it treats the poo as food since it's not absorbed completely.

5. To attract attention
- It thought that it successfully attracts the owner's attention when the owner scolds or punishes when it eats poo.

Lessons: Don't abandon your dog if it eats its own poo!! LOL

Wonder why am I updating this entry since it's sooo meaningless. Haha. Btw, time to sleep! Good night world! =D

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