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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

【新加坡】Part 1: Econ Inn / Oriental Chinese Restaurant / The TinTin Shop / Clarke Quay

This's the trip I'd been waiting for few months!! My first Singapore trip with old friends who knew each other for more than 10 years!! I took the evening flight from Sibu to JB on October 1 with Jelline an Annie and we headed to Singapore directly using Taxi. The taxi fee costed us RM165 and we shared it so costed us RM55 each. The best thing was that the driver sent us directly to our destination! Best deal for us who had high potential to get lost! LOL

Econ Inn @ Chinatown Singapore.

We stayed at Econ Inn @ Chinatown for the first two nights. Didn't care much about the quality because it was only for rest at night! LOL. Reached the inn at almost 10pm and we were all si beh hungry! Looked for food court but failed so we randomly chose a restaurant and again, another fail. The food was disappointing.

I ordered the Fried Rice in Yangzhou Style (SGD5) and they ordered the Noodles with Braised Beef (SGD5). And look at the canned drink! Heaven and Earth brand from Singapore! Never see oh~ LOL. Costed SGD1.2 (RM3). Ok, that's expensive! >.<

After that we went back to Econ Inn and slept! LOL And next day, Jelline woke up at 6 sth and Annie and I wok up at 7 sth automatically due to biological clock.

Char Siu Wantan Mee (SGD3) as breakfast! Tasted good! The stall is located in a food court at the People's Park Complex. There are a lot of travelling agencies in the complex! But there are less places to shop. All are about the travelling agencies. 

Tintin shop spotted!! Ahahahaha~ But I'm not really into this cartoon so just simply wander around took some photos and said goodbye~ LOL

Annie doing her henna art. And the pattern was not faded after one week! Wonder how does it look now LOL

Chicken Rice as lunch as requested by Yvonne! But too bad it was roasted and no steamed available.

After lunch, we took taxi to Parkway Parade and after that Aeon and finally Clark Quay to meet Jelline's friend, Ally Yang! A pretty girl from Shanghai, China! =D

Had our dinner at Le Noir @ Clark Quay.
Quite expensive and not much choices and the food so so only but nice atmosphere and scenes! Quite cozy what..

My first Haagen-Dazs in my life! And it's treated by my dear Yvonne Chee! So touch. T^T

Oh, I miss the lion city already. LOL. To be continued with Part 2 -- Universal Studio Singapore and Hard Rock Hotel!! =D

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