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Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's The Fun Part 2

This is a must take photo if you ever pay a visit to USS. It's kinda like if you didn't take any of it, you are simply defined as NEVER VISIT IT BEFORE. So I did take a few but none of them look good. How I wish I could master the skill of photoshop-ing to remove all those annoying ppl. T^T

Me, Yvonne and Annie. Jelline was the camera girl for this photo.

We reached Hard Rock Hotel at around 10 sth. As planned before we reached, two of us will be going in the lobby to place our luggage and another two will be staying outside the lobby to prevent the staffs from recognizing us because we booked a 2 ppl room but in fact we have four. However it appeared to be quite superfluous because bo lan bird us at all which means nobody cares about us actually.

We then went to redeem our tickets. Yvonne bought the tickets online and it's somehow cheaper with SGD63 (NP: SGD68). Hey, don't underestimate it, if you convert to RM, it'd be RM12.50 and you can go for a good meal in Malaysia already. Huh!

The first thing after entering the entrance was hunt for BREAKFAST! We were all starved!! >.<
Well, we chose it because it was one of the nearest shop to the entrance. =P

Ordered the breakfast set (SGD9.80) and it tasted good. Probably because we were all very hungry!
Taken in the cafe. Relax saja~ =D
While we were waiting for our food in the cafe, we saw the huge gigantic Kungfu Panda outside and Annie was like Woah OMG and started running towards the crowd leaving three of us in the cafe. And I was so very kepo-c and started to run out as well. Took the above photo although I don't know the people in the photo I only know the Panda. =P

Looked back and saw a long queue waiting to take photo with the panda, I decided to go back for my breakfast. Hungry leh! But Annie insisted to take photo with it so I just let her be.

After done with her breakfast, Yvonne then only got the feeling Oh no it's Kungfu Panda and started to rush out but too late the panda went to rest already. Every characters are only available for around 10-15 minutes only.

First destination: MADAGASCAR!! Because it began at 11am and we were done with our breakfast around that time!
There are only Alex the Lion, Gloria the Hippo, King Julian XIII and The Penguins! We queued to take photos with all of them and went for a ride in Crate Adventure! Everything was so interesting! =D

Next Destination: Far Far Away for Donkey Live!!
The entire show was hosted by this funny guy. The show is good for children but definitely not us! We felt so childish while we were sitting inside! lol

And malang memang tidak berbau who knows something bad was gonna happen inside the hall! T^T

Yvonne lost her camera. And all the photos inside GONE just like that. Or more specifically the camera was stolen instead of lost. Because we found it missing before we went out of the hall and we turned back to our seats to look for it but we couldn't find it.

I know it's by extremely low chance for the thief to see this but I just wanna say :" Hey! Go to hell lah you! " Grrr!! Yvonne hates donkey a lot now. So do I! Hmmp!!

Then we went to Lost & Found counter to make report and then continue wandering but obviously we had no mood to have fun anymore... And We were scared that the happiness we showed would deepen Yvonne's wound. =(

Next Destination: The Lost World.

No mood no mood no mood and I didn't even have mood to take any more pictures. =(

Fourth destination : Ancient Egypt.

Again... NO MOOD!!

Next: Sci-Fi City!! Ok, the most fun part. I really love the ride! A must if you visit USS but it's always full with a longgggggggggg queue. The queue seemed never-end and we spent more than half hour waiting for turn! Remember, it was not weekend and not peak hour as well!

The very nice car for exhibition purpose!!

The ride entrance. MUST TRY!!  You'll regret if you don't! Trust me!!

Finally: New York & Hollywood.

The street.

We were tired at that time and the live show wasn't at the right time when we arrived so we decided to go for tea time. lol.

By this, we supposed to have finish visiting the USS but since out photos taken before the Donkey Live were all inside the stolen camera so we decided to go back to Madagascar to take photos with those characters again! Crazy huh!

This time, the crowd was slightly bigger and we couldn't finish taking photos with every characters in time so we decided to go for other missed activities and came back again for the last show. =P

We went to the Water World for the show and it was really stunning!! Worth to go if you have time!! =D

Look at the crowd look at the crowd!! The seats are divided into wet, slight wet and dry area. If you sit at the wet area then you must have been expecting water splashing!! LOL

The middle of the show! =D

After the water show, we went back to Madagascar again! A total of three times we visited them until the characters also can recognize us already!! So funny what! LOL

After that we decided to go back to Hard Rock Hotel to check in and please stay tune for the night activities in next post! I've been updating this post for exactly 2 hours and I got very tired already! Have to sleep now!! =D
Photo taken yesterday saying 

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