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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Love Life

Just now Ing Ming had introduced me about Love Life. At first, I thought she is in love. LoLz. But then, after visiting the website, I found that it's a very meaningful website. Love Life, means to love your life. It's a campaign sponsored by Fan Wei Qi & Hei Ren and such campaign has attracted a lot of celebrities to join it. They appeal so that everyone loves their lives no matter how hard your life could be.
Visiting the website through -->
Watch the video through --> (Celebrities)
Inside the [93 ward], there are kids and youngsters who are unlucky enough to have suffered from cancer. There is a video of three of these unlucky youngsters. Dora, who is a great cello player, is a very cheerful girl who has suffered from cancer for around three years. She doesn't scared of the serious illness but strong enough to cheer other patients up! Another youngsters, Yi Hua (奕华), is a talented kid. She has won the champion for the international ice-skating competition at the age of 11(2007). But now, ice-skating has become a sport which is pretty hard for her to enjoy anymore. The third kid, Jia Wen (家彣), was too late to watch the movie of themselves. On her first visit to the doctor, the doctor diagnosed that she could only have two months of life. But then, she had struggled for one and half years. She was a very intelligent and sensible girl.
Watch the movie through --> (Jia Wen)
After watching the movie, I really feel that life is fragile. I cried. Shh! :X! But then, although we cannot control the length of our lives, we can contol its width and height. It means that we should enrich our lives and enjoy to the fullest. Commiting suicide is the height of folly. Those youngsters are too unlucky to have suffered from such kind of disease, but they still want to live longer. Their only wish is to live longer and not to make the people around them sad. Nowadays, a lot of people who are much healthier and luckier than them but always get so depressed just because of some trivial things. So please, anyone who is reading my blog, love your life, love everyone's life. Life is a gift from God. What we have to do is to appreciate it but not to destroy it. Love Live! ~L~


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