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Thursday, May 7, 2009

TMX Project

Halololo~ (My ways of greeting) I'd finished my last paper yesterday noon which meant that I've finished my First Year! Surprisingly, time passes really fast! Last night I was tidying up all my softcopy of notes and then I found these pictures.
Hmm, unknown insect.
I know this one! It's a bee! =P
A grasshopper.
Another unknown insect. =P
A beetle.
Yeah! A butterfly!
These pictures were all taken in the Zoology Museum of FSTS. They were needed to complete our TMX project which assigned us to create a website introducing any parts of FSTS and Zoology Museum is our choice. Do you know how hard we get to take these photos? We have to write a letter to the person-in-charged, wait for her reply, look for the lab facilitators and finally we were allowed to take pictures of a small box of insects only. =.="
Anyway, we were the lucky one because among several goups working on Zoology Museum, we were the only group that was allowed to take the photos. It was because we were the first group to look for the person-in-charged. The moral lesson here is: Efficiency produces higher chances. Haha!
All these photos were taken by using my handphone - SE K770i. Well, not bad huh! This is one of the functions I love most from my handphone. We got quite a high mark for our project. 29/30 if I'm not mistaken. Hiak hiak hiak! And my overall mark for TMX = A! Yeah! Hopefully I can get more As and get the JPA scholarship! God bless! ^^

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