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Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby bunnies!

This morning I heard exceedingly weird sound from the kitchen while I was reading newspaper at the living room. It's neither my hamsters nor the dog. We only have a dog, 5 hamsters and 2 rabbits as pets and I've never heard the rabbits make any sounds! When I went to the kitchen, I saw my parents was grasping a rabbit and there are 4 baby bunnies! The freaking sound was made by the rabbit.. =.="
My mum said that the mamma rabbit was too scared when my dad tried to catch it so it made the weird sound. See! The four baby bunnies without fur~ LoLz!
They were sooooooo hungry that they looked for the milk eagerly. Without their eyes opened wide, they just simply looked for the target aimlessly.

The mamma rabbit was scared and it dared not move. When my mum tried to comfort it, it bited my mum and my mum's finger was bleeding immediately. >.< Bad mamma rabbit.

Sleeping is the best thing to do after you fill your stomach. The baby bunnies feel the same. LoLz. They slept right after the mealtime. See! My mum uses some cotton and unused clothes to keep them warm. Sweet dream baby bunnies. ^^


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