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Monday, June 4, 2012

Finally I'm Updating. =P

Hi all. I'm back from outer space after I neglected my dearest blog for more than 2 months! And it got soooo damn quiet here. Guess I should spend more time on my blog after this since I've terminated my business and I got more free time to actually take care of my blog! Well, I've been delaying and postponing and procrastinating my update due to my laziness. >.< But speaking the truth, I've been really busy for these two months.

First of all, I got my job offered from BP Healthcare Group at around April. After my vacation at Kuching during the early April, I went to KL alone for pre-job training. WOW! Can you imagine that? A coward person like me (at least I think that I'm chicken-hearted) went to KL alone for training!! Totally alone. Took the flight alone and stayed in hotel alone (for the first week)! It's such a great challenge for me and I felt really great to accomplish the task at last!!

However, I'm really lucky enough to meet nice people there. First of all would be my ex-coursemate, Carl Miew who came and met me on the first day I reached KL. Thanks for your care and you really calmed me down while I was trying my best to stay calm. LOL. Then, it would be my another ex-cousemate, Kim Loong who brought me out for several times for either dinner (even to PJ just for Nasi Lemak) or classes. And I got to meet new friends too! ^^

Believe it or not, I met Zhang Jue Long (a Malaysian singer) in real person!! I even talked to him and shared my thoughts with him! o.O 

Then, it would be my colleagues at SC Cheras especially Yik Ping who brought me for lunch almost everyday and Shin Yee who taught me a lot of things. Shin Yee has totally changed my view of KL people with her friendliness (which I always heard from others that KL people is realistic and hard to get along with). She drove me to the malls and treated me SUSHI!!! How nice!! T^T Too bad I didn't take any photos with them. =(

After that, it's my room mate, Shuhada's turn and also her colleague, Ng from Mentakap Lab. Not to forget the tiny Nisa from Batu Pahat. They came Cheras for training too during the second week of my training. From then on, I have mates to go shopping and dinner-ing. LOL. I'd been eating alone for the first week since I was all alone after work. LOL. With new mates, they brought me to malls, taking bus/taxi/LRT/monorail. It was tiring but I was happy!! Ok, I miss them very much now. ='(

Ng, me, Nisa & Shuhada. ^^

There were a lot of nice food over there but I think I should compile all the food in one entry. Maybe my next post? Stay tuned. =D

After staying three weeks over there, I came back to Sibu and started working immediately. At first, I was really having a difficult time to get used to the new environment since there are so much differences between SC Cheras and DC Sibu. However, I think I can cope with it pretty well now especially after I got closer with my colleagues especially the sot sot Shin, cool cool Chen and funny Wendy. LOL. I hope they are not reading this entry or else I'm gonna be beaten up by them. =P

Then, I was busy jaga-ing my shop at night until I finally terminated my business on 31st of May which means that I am absolutely free as long as I'm back from work. I'm finally FREE after almost three years suffering from being forced to jaga kedai as long as I had free time. Feel sooo released! The feeling is just... well, fail to look for a suitable word to describe it. LOL.

Ok, back to my job. The post is called MLT (Medical Lab Technologist) and basically what I need to do is to sell the packages available, do the registration, draw blood (the most challenging part for me since I have not undergone any training about this before) and also do some lab works. Sometimes, I help to do some machine tests such as ECG, Audiogram, LFT, BCA and BMD. Not to say a tough job but it requires us to be very careful while handling with the blood to avoid some contagious diseases. Common sense right, LOL.

Oops, it's getting late! Guess I have to sleep now since I still have to work tomorrow. I'll update my blog more often and hopefully anyone who's patient enough to read my blog until the end could do me a flavor by clicking the nuffnang ads either on the top of this page or the right bar. THANK YOU!! Good night!! ^^

P/S: Could anyone tell me why is there a window popping out asking for username and password while loading the page!? What the hell is happening to my blog!!! >.<


  1. 终于更新了~~~~~ :P

    祝早日适应新工作、验血愉快啦 XD

    P/S I don't see any pop-up window at all

    1. Huh! How come!? The window's popping out asking for username and password leh! But I click cancel everything back to normal. =.=

    2. Btw why is your blog not available!!!??? Cannot go in ler..

    3. I don't have problem accessing my blog also...
      May be your computer/network problem?? Solution: Run a scan to check if there is any adware, reinstall/update browser.

  2. i oso have no problem leh..everything is normal~



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