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Thursday, June 14, 2012

I've Kuching-ed enough!

It's been quite a long time since I last applied make up. LOL
Still ok eh? =P

I went to Kuching (again!!) during early April. It's meant to be a relaxing vacation but ended up to be an experience-gaining trip. Learnt to know some facts which did hurt me for sometimes. And I won't be going to Kuching in near future although my colleague did mentioned about the Kuching Food Festival which's going to be held during July/August... we'll see how. LOL. Btw, I'm totally recovered now. I'm always OK, as I always look to be OK. I'm really OK!! ^^

First of all, it's about FOOD!! Yes, I LOVE FOOD!! LOL

Life Cafe goes first!!

Went to Life Cafe with Huasien and Ivy (Both are my ex-coursemates) for lunch before we headed to K Box. Not sure whether did I write about Life Cafe before but I couldn't find it lar. However, I didn't take any photo of the food. HOW COULD I!!! Phone battery flat?? I forgot already. April is such a long time ago. Agree? LOL

This's Prawn Wantan Soup from a Hong Kong style restaurant in The Spring. Please forgive me, I really forgot the restaurant's name!! And, I THINK it tasted nice. I THINK lar. Don't really remember already. Hahaha! Leave a comment to let me know. I really can't remember!!

Oh ya, this one I know. SUSHI KING!!! It was having Bonanza that time so I'd never missed the chance to have cheap sushi!!!!!! XD

And remember to go with big eater so that you'll feel like : waiseh, we tam diok liao!! LOL.

Ah, this one's supposed to be the Ha Kaw from.. Err.. Mitsu?? OH NO!! I remembered its location but I forgot the restaurant's name!! OH GOSH!! It's located near 4-points.. ARGH!! Louzy memory!! COMMENT ME if you know!!!

This one I'm sure all of you don't know where one. Because it's at my sis-in-law's uncle's house. Wuahahahaha! Even me myself also dunno where's it. I just sit in the car and they'll bring me to the destination. LOL Look nice ler! Am hungry now. o.O

Had enough with the food, now the PLACES!!

Went to the Hot Spring located at 7miles (correct me if I'm wrong because I can't really remember already!!) with Yan Yee, Kelly, Derek and Ah Hing. Very rare names that seldom appear on my blog because.. I'm not so close with them. LOL. They're stupid Nana's housemates and friends and she dumped me to them and she didn't follow. Btw, they're all very friendly so who cares. Vacation is meant to be enjoyable. Not to be influenced by anyone. ^^

Then, I got lost in the wonderland in The Spring. LOL

Pretty lady's back. Lusting? XD
Jennifer's heading into the wonderland! =D

Look incredible right? They were all made with balloons, towels and hard card boards. Feel the like I'm the Alice who got lost in the wonderland. LOL

Those are what I bought home. I thought I would spend some times on it but they were quite easy to be completed.. so I completed them in two day. More specifically, one night and one morning. LOL.

Btw, gonna stop here and go for a bath!! Sibu's weather's so damn hot today!! Beh tahan already. WHERE'S RAIN~!?

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