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Saturday, July 18, 2009

I had fun playing it!

Before that, let me show you my room as I promised in the last post.
My table lo~ A little bit untidy. Now more tidy lo~
My bed! I love that bedsheet! =P
*End of Story*
Ok. Let's talk about the game I'd played last Wednesday.
Shiau Ping & Jia Ying.
New friends from English Debate Club. They are from West Malaysia oh!
This one, not new friend liao la. Old de liao lo!
Miss Karen Lau!!
Now can guess what we're paying liao eh?? It's free! You have to bring your matric card only! Karen didn't bring her so she used Jacqueline's. LoLz. She's so excited that she couldn't wait to write her name and she straight wore the life jacket and climb onto the 'boat'. =.="
Huuu~ Tired dy so put legs high high!
P/S: That's not my legs oh!! You all know who de la hor!!
When I wanna take photo again, she closed. =P
See the sky! So pretty!
The view of bridge from the middle of the pond!
~View of Sakura~
Jacqueline, Sing Yu & Lee Ping were on the bridge. Can see which ma??
Ei? Who's those guys hor. They are the officers. We drived too far ki and yet made a lot of noise. So we can't hear their whistle. So they drived out to ask us back.
See!! Being caught moh! But the officers were cute! LoLz..
Hmm, next Wednesday, I wanna play this again!! ^^


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