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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

~Unimas Life Starts Again~

Okay, that's the UNIMAS logo. My life in unimas has started again. This semester, my total credit hours is only 20. After adding some lab sessions, 7 days per week is just not enough for me. So sad. Actually I don't have any class on friday, but after editing the timetable, i have ONE class on friday morning and most probably will have Advanced Biochemistry lab session at friday noon. One more thing, I take Basic Finance as my elective subject. Oh My GOD~ I just don't like it! Moreover, many people told me that it's hard to score! Making me scare scare lah~ Actually I wanna take either Introduction to Music or Cognitive Psychology but the classes are full. ><

This is the SAKURA logo. SAKURA is my college name. Now i'm living in a single room with the window facing outside but not corridor anymore! I move from Block B to Block A and same apartment with Jacq. First step, out of my room, second step, I'm in Jacq's room! So near right! Wuahahahaha~ Next time I'll post some photos of my room. I'd taken it but forgot to send to laptop. So the images are still in my handphone~ =P
That's the view of Block C. Grabbing from somewhere on internet. LoLz.
That's the bridge of UNIMAS. Right opposite the big big pond is the BUNGA RAYA college and CEMPAKA college. Karen is living at BUNGA RAYA college which takes me around 10 minutes to walk from SAKURA to BUNGA RAYA. Luckily I have a car here already so everything will be easy~ Hopefully I can get my car sticker as soon as possible~ =D
That's the view of the terrible weather here. It's raining at BUNGA RAYA college but sunny weather at SAKURA. LoLz. I try to upload some photos about my apartment and my room in my next post. So please wait ah~ LoLz.. ^^

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