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Saturday, December 17, 2011

No Aedes, No Dengue.

You understand what I drew?


Or more accurately, NYAMUK AEDES! =D 

Have been seeing advertisement about Aedes and Dengue all this while either from Nuffnang or other places. Well, normally I only hate mosquitoes when they're disturbing me when I sleep. Usually mosquitoes don't bite me. I WONDER WHY. My skin is not smooth enough? My blood is not tasty? WHY!?

And I remember during my practical in General Hospital, Sibu one year go, there was an outbreak happening around Hua Kiew Road that area. I was assigned to work in Serology Lab at that time and therefore, I need to handle the blood samples. Of course the staff wan't too bad to leave me alone lar. And I only helped to do the preparation of Dengue test, not the one testing whether the result is positive or not. I was just a trainee at that time. LOL

We can't contribute much in preventing Aedes mosquitoes from breeding. Moreover, society now is becoming more and more selfish, people only care about their own. (I'm always trying not to be one of them.) However, we can play our part by cleaning up the compound of our house frequently. The main activity is to make sure that there are no containers that are collecting water or MIGHT collect water.

 Vases, water buckets, cans, tyres and etc collects rainwater easily!

And for your information, the dengue virus remains active inside human, monkeys and the vector, Aedes mosquitoes only. That's sooooooooooo NOT FAIR right!! Haih..

Some of you might not know that Dengue could be fatal!! And it makes you sooooo suffered! My cousins and their friends were bitten by infectious Aedes mosquitoes years ago and they spent few weeks in hospital. One of their friends almost 'gone'! How scary is that!  And you are suffered from serious body ache that you even get difficulty in moving!

Symptoms of Dengue.  

Please, don't play play with your health. If you are suffering from the symptoms above, please do not hesitate to seek for help from your nearest clinic or hospital! Many of those infected do not survive as they delay the time in which they have seen a doctor!

P/S: This post is up merely because my hands are itchy and my feeling to draw is so damn strong. With no idea what to draw, I simply choose a post from nuffnang page. Don't kill me. XD


  1. 以前我以为黑斑蚊并不如我们想象的那么容易繁殖,毕竟在家中在学校从没见到过;听到哪儿骨痛热症猖獗的新闻时还百思不得其解。

    直到到大学的新生营,看到一堆黑斑蚊飞来飞去,才知道严重性。在营里我被叮了N个包,幸好没发病啦 :|

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