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Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Trees Exhibition 2011


Hmm, so accident happens and this is not about my Kuching trip. LOL. Went to Wisma Sanyan yesterday and went for Christmas tree exhibition right behind the building as well! It's held annually and the Christmas trees are set up and decorated by different churches.

This year, there are 12 churches taking part in this exhibition. Each of them has different themes. Well, I fail to jot down the presentor of every trees since some of them don't put their names big big on the tree. LOL

A Christmas tree made of GIFTS! Feel like to grab all the gifts home although there should be empty inside. Well, it's the decoration and packaging that add up the marks. LOL

Well, this looks surprisingly nicer in photo rather than in reality. LOL. 

This one looks a bit dull. Maybe due to the lighting or maybe it looks nicer during day time. 

Very 'ang'. Reminds of CNY. XD

This one doesn't involve a lot of lighting too. Therefore, it looks dull.

This one is nice. With the theme of LOVE!

Can't figure out its theme.. Hmm.. =.=

Although it's simple, it looks quite nice!! Sometimes, simple is the best! =)

This one looks very bling bling and it's made of bottles!! Save the environment! LOL

This one is common, not so special.

This one is super duper nice. It's made of FLOWERS! Can you see the FLOWERS? Of course, fake one lar. LOL. Or else it can only be presented for few days then the flowers all got wilted. Haha!

This one looks nicer in reality actually. It's quite simple too but it successfully beats those very complicated one. LOL

Basically, this year they focus more on the beauty of the Christmas tree rather than the creativity. If you compare to the Christmas Trees exhibited last year, the creativity is much much lower. 

Click HERE to see the Christmas Trees exhibited last year. Wish you all a Merry Christmas in advance! =)

P/S: Hopefully I'll write about my Kuching trip in next post. Because I WANNA WRITE ABOUT THE ANIMALSSSS~~ =D


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