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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kuching Trip (02/12-05/12)

Taken in car. Almost reached Kuching at that time. LOL

Arrived at our apartment!!

And it's Jinhold Service Apartment! Located near Jalan Song and I NEVER KNOW ITS EXISTENCE before although I live around that area during my uni time! Haha!


Not bad lar. If you have not too much people travelling with you, basically it's a perfect place for you to stay because it's not expensive. Around 230++ per night and it's an apartment with 2 rooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen and 1 toilet. And the air-cond is functioning so well!! TOO COLD for me. LOL

Picture taken upward from ground.

Picture taken downward from above. LOL

Not sure why did I show such expression. LOL

Oh ya, cute Isabelle was going out to have fun with us too!! Miss her not??

Kiss me! Kiss me!

She was imitating Angry Birds. You guess it correct or not?? XD

Me: Isabelle, you wanna take photo with the Christmas tree not?
Belle: Yes~~~! (Running towards the tree)
Me: Ok, smile!
Then she showed me such face. Hahaha! Definitely cuter than the model behind. =P

Oh ya, we went to Jong's Crocodile Farm. My second visit!!

Baby crocodiles~ Wonder painful not if they bite? LOL

Tailless crocodile. Born such way or being attacked??

White crocodile. O.O

Nana Kiu! You see! This's you! So dirty and smelly ah!! LOL


Sun bear. Well, not cute at all. Unlike the dolls. LOL

Porcupine! This one is cuter!


This one is the cutest. LOL

Actually their cage is located nearer to the main door than many other animals. When we walked in, the otters were all hugging each other sleeping. When we walked out, they had woke up and one of the otters rushed towards us most probably due to the snack on Isabelle's hand. It was hungry I think. Poor pity little thing. =(

Actually there are many crocodiles in the farm but I didn't take many photos of them.. I recorded a lot of videos during crocodile feeding but I am lazy to upload them now. LOL. You can go and watch it by yourself. The feeding time is 11am and 3pm. =D

Tengok! I had been here!! The Hot Spring!!!

Well, actually I only reached its gate and I didn't go in. It rained heavily the day before we reached and therefore the current was strong and it was quite dangerous. We spent one hour to reach there, and we spent another hour to go back. WHAT A WASTE!! =(

The kids with the huge snowman at The Spring. The youngest one is so damn cute la! I took around 4 to 5 photos of them with the same scene and he shows his eyes in no single photo. LOL

Photo taken when I back to Sibu but the shirt was bought at Kuching. LOL. Padini got big big sales ler! And the shirt was only around RM20 NIAH!! 70% OFF!! Hahaha!

P/S: I'll be going to Kuching again VERY VERY SOON. =D

==========THE END==========


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