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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Secret Sanctuary Boutique Cottage

Wonder where was I with such beautiful and relaxing environment? The answer is revealed on the title!

The Secret Sanctuary Boutique Cottage
133, Lorong Setia Raja 12,
Taman Stutong Indah
93350 Kuching, Sarawak.

Went to Kuching last Thursday and you can click here to know more about my journey in Kuching excluding my convo part. I'm not ready for it yet. =)

Special thanks to my buddies -- Joan Tang, Nana Kiu and Mr. Potato who planned my schedule and brought me wandering around the Kuching town. 

It was our first time visiting The Secret Sanctuary and all of us was soooo shocked with the stunning scenes!

The main entrance. It looked sooo natural and original with those wooden wall and paper lamp!

This was where we walked in.

And with just a switch...

It turned out to be a waterfall! Amazing not!?

A photo of me with my dear Joan with the main entrance! With waterfall of course!

Don't ask me what were we doing because I have no idea too. LOL

We had been wandering around the Kuching for the whole day on that day so we were all too exhausted to have good appetite. Therefore, we only ordered two plates and shared! =)

It was nice but a little bit too spicy for me. Since I have sensitive lips and to avoid them from becoming swollen, I only tasted a little bit. LOL

This is nice!! But too cheesy for me. Or I'm being too choosy!? LOL

After having dinner, we started to wander around the place. LOL

The waterfall! You can swim too!

And that's where my first pic on this post was taken!

My dear was there too! =D

Shh.. Taken with stealth mode. LOL

Met this cute doggy! It acted soo steady like it's the boss! No hiu ppl at all! LOL

The toilet. LOL

How do you feel with the notice? Excited? I am. XD

The bamboo~

Alcoholic beverages~

The Kitchen~

The back door!? I don't know. Haha

The tranquility of the place will definitely relaxes your body and soul!

Saw this cottage but I dare not go up.

Nana went upstairs and she told me it might be the boss's room!?

This should be the place for fish spa. (Just a wild guess)

Is this the open air hot tub!? Feel like to enjoy it but... I can't. LOL

Mr. Fam, your eyebrows look like one line eh!? LOL

Yes, that's so true!

So if you are seeking for any nice place to relax and yet you don't have time or even money for a vacation, why not consider paying a visit to Secret Sanctuary Boutique Cottage? You will never regret! =D

Their facilities include: WiFi, BBQ, Pool, Gym, Jacuzzi, Fish Spa, Wet Sauna, Infra-Red Sauna, Waterfall Pool, Garden Shower, Open Air Hot Tub, Fully Air-Conditioned, Gastrolounge, Wonderful Western/Local Food, Tours Oganized and etc. 

If you seek for any special packages, they are ready for: Corporate events, Birthday parties, Wedding dinners and etc.

Regarding the food, they serve: Western, Italian, Chinese, Malay, Jungle Cuisine! 

Simply go to their web here to know more about them.

SMS (Cyril) +60198888986


  1. tcp need copyright de ler...cincai take my photo...kill u yeah...

  2. LOL 范先生记得把空隙填起来,当个道道地地的一眉道长!
    Nana, I guang ming zheng da take de lor. LOL

  3. take without my permission ???
    haha~~nvm la...let u niah....

  4. I let you let me niah. LOL :P


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