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Saturday, October 8, 2011

My New Employee!

YEAH! I can surf the net now! My internet line returns to its normal speed!

I am utterly happy. =D

This's only my second post on October and to be honest, I have nothing special to update so I am going to update about the new employee! >.<

I have been taking care of my own shop for the whole September. Except Saturday and Sunday, I am ALONE all the time. Thanks to my super kind and understanding daddy who comes and helps me to open the shop everyday. Besides, he comes here everyday at around 3.30pm and 6.30pm just to give me a break to the toilet!! Sometimes, he brings my dinner too! =)

I look chubby in this photo. My mum said that I got fatter! >.<

To ease my job (especially a break to toilet), I decided to employ a new worker to help me out. She started her job on last Monday. The working time I give to her is from 11am to 9pm. One hour break for each lunch and dinner time. Then, she requested to go back early at 8pm because she is afraid there's no bus at night time. Ok. I allow that. =)

Did you realize that I shaped my eyebrow!? =P

On the first day, she came before 11am and went back at 8pm sharp. On the second day, she was late for 6 minutes and went back at 7.45pm. On the third day, she was late for 9 minutes and went back at 7.45pm. On the third day, she was late for 15 minutes and went back at 7.45pm. Yesterday, she came in late for 25 minutes and went back at 6.22pm!! O.O

I asked for the reason why she was late.

She answered :" Sebab I guna bas. "

I asked :" Bas tidak ada masa yang tepat punya kah? "

She answered :" Mungkin adalah! Tapi I tak tahu sajalah! Sebab I tak mahu tunggu lama dekat sana. So I keluar lambat. Mungkin Bas itu baru saja lalu I pun tak tahu lah!"

Me :" !@&*(!^#&*(*#! ".

Long time din do heavy makeup at eyes area. =P

Yesterday she went back at 6.22pm. I asked for reason.

She answered :" Sebab.. Gaduh! "

I asked :" Siapa gaduh? "

She answered :" I dengan bf I lah! "

I =.=" and asked :" Tadi kan masih OK? " Cause her bf was with her before that.

She answered :" Itulah! Dia BODOH! "

Me :" !@#!Y*&*($&*(!# " I employ you here to gaduh with your bf kah!?

I guess it's best for her to stick with her boyfriend all the time. Just get married lah! Since she cares about her bf a lot. Since she has transportation problem too, it's good for her to look for a better job location. Or at least nearer to her house so that she won't be late and she  doesn't have to go back earlier too. Am I right!?

Luckily today is Saturday. I have my part time employee with me. She's 10000000000000 times better than the new employee! And I have one whole day to consider whether to fire the new one or not. >=(

Ok, I'll update again whether to fire her or not. Remember, never mess with your boss!


:) :( ;) :D ;;-) :-/ :x :P :-* =(( :-O X( :7 B-) :-S #:-S 7:) :(( :)) :| /:) =)) O:-) :-B =; :-c :)] ~X( :-h :-t 8-7 I-) 8-| L-) :-a :-$ [-( :O) 8-} 2:-P (:| =P~ :-? #-o =D7 :-SS @-) :^o :-w 7:P 2):) X_X :!! \m/ :-q :-bd ^#(^ :ar!

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