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Monday, April 6, 2009

Sing Yu's Birthday! (06/04/09)

Today is Sing Yu's 21st birthday! Last thursday, we already 'booked' a cake from Taka at BDC and Rebekah was going to take the cake. Although she promised to be back at 6pm but she only showed up at seven something. We celebrated at WTC and we had to slow down everything to wait for her and at the same time not to let Sing Yu realize our plan! =P Jacq and I even ordered White Lady after our dinner. LoLz. It was raining at five something but luckily it stopped at last.
A picture of Sing Yu with the cake. I'm sorry that I didn't take any nicer picture for her. She's actually not looking at me when I took this photo. =P
Oops.. Who order Philippines pig leg?? (The red arrow) =D
Jacqueline claimed that it should be pork leg instead of pig leg...
Jacq & Karen~ My buddy~
Big head Karen & cute Hui Lin~
Hui Lin, Karen, Mary & her bf~
Karen & Sing Yu~ Ngok Karen appears in almost every photos... Even satisfy with only show up her pig leg. Wuahahahaha~
The cake was big enough for ten of us. Or more than enough? Because everyone of us ate until we refused to eat anymore and Sing Yu had to 'dump' the cake on our plates with force. But not me! Aha! I only ate one piece and most of them became the victims to eat two pieces. Left two pieces were taken back and I wondered is Karen the victim again? Well, I enjoyed a lot with them. Especially Karen Lau. She's damn funny and I just can't stop laughing when she's around. A very comfortable friend to be with. Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SING YU!! ^^


  1. you forgot to change one thing.
    Your gender in your profile.
    Since when you've become a male? LOL

    Nice birthday celebration ^^
    Keep enjoying.

  2. Is it? Thanks for informing me.
    And thanks for viewing my blog. ^^

  3. you are welcome ^^
    So, you've become female back.


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