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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Herbalove MilkShake

Since last thursday I came back to Sibu, my dad had already told me about the Herbalove MilkShake. At first, I didn't know it's a product from Herbalife. Since my dad was so passionate to bring me to taste it, I followed him the next day. The branch is located at Foochow Lane. =)
This is the tea to remove excess oil? Or fat? I wonder. =P
P/S: That's my dad's hand. LoLz.
This is the Strawberry flavour MilkShake.

Honestly I don't really like its taste. It makes me feel like to vomit everytime I drink it. No offend, just my own feeling. A glass of this costs RM8! Oh my GOD!! LoLz. But at least I'd followed him to drink this for three continuous days which means that I'd woke up at around seven something for three days or even earlier! LoLz. My dad is just too passionate on this that I find it hard to refuse him.
Besides drinking this, I'd also checked my body condition. I am currently 21 and my body age is only 18! What a surprise. I'd checked this earlier with Sharon's machine and my body age is 25. Which should I believe then? Well, I guess I'll believe Sharon's one. However my viceral fat is still a pretty number. From Herbalove, it is 3. From TRA, it is 2. Wuahahaha! Proud of it! ^^
No matter what brands they are, no matter what products they have, I believe that their missions are the same. That is to improve our health. To know more about this Herbalove, you can go to their blog --> Although I prefer TRA, you can still gain more knowledge from different products and finally, with full confidence, I'm sure that you will know that TRA is the BEST. ^^


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