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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trip To Malacca -- Part II (14/03/09)

It was the first day for the seminar. We’d gathered at the lobby of the hotel to have the breakfast together.
The round-shaped objects are CHICKEN RICE!! Very special right? It was the first time I ate such shaped rice. And the black coloured soup = black soya bean soup. Well, I don’t like it much.
Finally, we’d reached the Century Mahkota Hotel for our seminar. It is a very high-classed hotel for me. There were a lot of people there waiting for the seminar to start.

The view of Century Mahkota Hotel.
Finally, we’d get into the grand hall where our seminar would be held after the car parade session. Too bad I didn’t take any photos for the car parade.
Well, this was a very special ice-breaking game.
Group photo taken after the noon session. We had almost 1000 people in this seminar! A very huge number! Can you see me?? Can you?? Can you?? Of course you can't. Because I'm the one who take this photo. Haha! =)
Dinner provided. So delicious!!
Our partners were practicing their performance. Bro Vincent was giving a love-shaped flower to Sharon. Hmm.. Why do I feel funny there?? Haha!
Too bad I didn’t take any photo for our group because I was helping Sharon to take photo using her digital camera. No hands for my own.
Night time, we had BD/TE Recognition, MCA Recognition and Dream Night. I was first met with all those Blue Diamond, US1 Million Dollar Circle Members but Lilian Ong (MCA) gave me a very impressive talk. She’s only 33 years old and she is a MCA!! A millionaire!! @.@Candle lighting session. It was touching and I’d tried very hard to stop my tears from falling down! =)
Our seminar ended at almost 12 in the midnight. Everyone was exhausted but yet we still decided to take a supper before we slept. Lolz! =P We went to the fish ball shop as it opens 24 hours. This time I didn’t order Lo-Mee but I tried its fish ball and kuay tiaw. Well, I don’t like it much too. Bad choice.
We reached our apartment at around 2a.m.. After taking a bath, I just can’t wait to lie on the bed and sleep!! LoLz..


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