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Saturday, April 4, 2009

【马六甲】Part 1: 永平纯正西刀鱼 / 福州滷面 / St. Paul Mountain / Secret Recipe

The flight was at 8.20a.m. I’d wake up at six something in the morning to get everything ready. When we’d reached KLIA, we waited for other partners who arrived one hour later than us. Then we went to Malacca by three rental vans.
This was the view from the balcony. Our apartment is on the 18th floor of the Globallon Hotel. You can see the sea~ and feel the wind~
After getting everything settled, we went for our lunch. We were not familiar of this place but we simply walked around to look for food. We've chonse to have out lunch here -- 永平纯正西刀鱼丸店!
This was what I’d ordered. Foo Chow Lo-Mee -- RM4. The soup is viscous but tasted fantastic!
Then, we went for a walk. Actually we were heading to the church but then we went to a new Carrefour at Malacca. It’s huge. And I’d bought some souvenirs from the Daiso shop. Every items cost RM5 and all are imported from Japan. We’d spent a lot of time there. We asked the local resident how to go to the church. Then we headed for the church.
Finally, we’d reached the St. Paul Mountain.

Aha! Finally I’d taken a photo of THE buttocks!! =P
These two guys are amazing! They can sing whatever songs of different languages. When they see japanese coming close, they'll sing the japanese song as well!!
This is the wishing will. I wish I could pick all the money down there. =P
There are a lot of bicycles like this in Malacca. You can see them aligning along the road.
Finally, it was dinner time! We went to the Secret Recipe for our dinner.
I’d ordered Sphagetti Chicken Bolognaise -- RM12.90.

After that, we went back to hotel. We were all exhausted and I slept right after taking a bath. Around eight something I guess. I seldom slept so early. All the other members went to practice for their performance on the other day.

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