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Thursday, January 12, 2012

When I get bored...

So, as the title says...

When I get bored.. I'll do some very wu liao thing. LOL. Yesterday I tried to rearrange the decoration of my shop and now I would like to share my result!! =D

Set up a corner for Domokun. Ignore the pig and angry birds. LOL.

Then, a rack for Mickey mouse! =D

Piggy, Rabbits and STITCH!! The stitch very cute ler. Feel like to grab one for myself. 

Plants VS Zombies corner. LOL

Om nom who is the main character of red packet design this year.

The Car!! Guess the biggest one would be the half size of me. 

Spongebob, Patrick star and 蟹老板. Not sure its name in English coz the kids always watch the cartoon in mandarin. Yes, I join them always. =P


Various big bears and present boxes too.

Patrick the red dogs!! Super nice to hug one! 

Angry birds!!

Fluffies! Anyone knows about these birds? They are from a game.

Stationery corner~


Pig pig zhu~ =D

Glasses/mugs bla bla bla~


And photo albums as well~

Bolsters~ Look weird right. LOL

Angry Birds car marker and fans~

Hmm.. not too messy right? So any of you in Sibu, feel free to come and pay a visit to us! I'll be utmost grateful to see you all! Especially my friends!! Come and lim teh with me ok! Coz I'm bored to death already! LOL

Oops, did I just forget to mention about my shop name?


E Love House
F18, 1st Floor, Medan Mall Shopping Complex,
No.6, Jalan Wong King Huo,
96000 Sibu, Sarawak.


Taken few days ago. Pimples still WIN. I am a LOSER. T^T

Oh ya, as the title says.. when I get bored... I started to try something that I never try before. LOL

Have you ever tried acupuncture before??

I have a friend studying traditional chinese medicine at China and he has come back for holiday this month so I asked him to bring some acupuncture needles to my shop for me to try. 

The last two photos show the acupuncture points to treat constipation. I always suffer from constipation and it's not a serious try actually but who knows I really went to toilet one hour after doing the acupuncture. Sometimes you just have to believe it. LOL.

That's all for this post coz actually I have nothing to write but I feel like to write something so this post is up! I've drawn a peary comic few days ago but somehow I think it's a little bit 18SX so I don't put it up here.


I've just set up a fan page (not really a fan page but it's set up to ease the job of promotion actually) so please like my page lar! Thank you! ^^


  1. ^^ I tried acupuncture before ^^ Not pain!
    Anyway, got discount go to your house? he he!


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