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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Easy Drink VS Sushi Tie

And now I started to use old photos coz my current face is FULL WITH PIMPLES. There are pimples on my forehead, both cheeks and my chin. Hormone imbalance huh!? Somebody help me.. T^T 

Ok, this post will be a post about makan makan and minum minum. LOL.

I guess most people in Sibu know about the Easy Drink Easy Go which are drinks originated from Taiwan. One is located near Premier and one is located inside the Star Mega Mall. I guess its popularity is due to its packaging which is similar to Starbucks. That's how I know about it! People told me that Sibu got Starbucks already and even showed me the cups but if you look carefully, they are totally different. Moreover, the drinks are quite special and tasty. However, the only shortcoming I can think of is that it takes time to be served. I wonder does it due to the over numbers of customers or lack of employees or it CANNOT BE SERVED too quickly? Maybe the ingredients need time so that is can be tastier? WHO CAN TELL ME!?

Coz someday in last week (I forgot which day) I brought all my nephews to Easy Drink Easy Go on a whim and guess what, I spent around 1 hour to buy and bring all the drinks home. ONE HOUR eh!? What's worse is that it is NOT FAR from my house! And I spent my time standing in the shop, waiting for the people to call my receipt number and I think it took more than 30 minutes. Didn't even have a place to sit and rest coz there were only a few chairs and all being grabbed by other customers already. CAN'T YOU PROVIDE MORE CHAIRS!? =_______________=

Tadaa!! 6 drinks!! Auntie Peary treated them all! (OMG, did I just call myself auntie! SHIT!)

Half face Elaine, Clement and Lawrence. Clement was drinking "Taro Milk Tea".

Lawrence with the drink. Forgot the drink's name. Something like Magic Crystal thingy?

Selina with the drink. Some sort of green tea. LOL

Steven with the drink. Green apple soda. 

Asking where's my photo??


LOL. The sense of 'feel-good-about-myself' is strong. Hokkaido Milk Tea. (Something like that eh? Forgot the name.)

Ok, I think I'm not so outdated lar since I know what's hot in Sibu so far. LOL

Next, the makan makan part. LOL. Went to Sushi Tie with my family last night. And thanks to Panjang for the treat. =P

A family of Tie dining in a sushi restaurant owned by someone with surname Tie too. LOL


We asked Clement to eat one whole Chuka Itako Sushi at once and obviously it's not an easy job for him. XD

Mama's Ten Don. =)

Panjang's Oishi Rice. Not sure what's the difference between the Oishi Rice and normal fried rice but they all said that it tasted good. I didn't try it. =P

Jennifer and Elaine shared this. Not bad lar. The sausage with cheese is nice. LOL. Guess it can be bought at any market.

ST Ramen -- new dish. I ordered this but it was TOO SPICY for me. The waitress got ask me whether I want the original one or spicy one, then I asked back, the spicy one very spicy or not? She said it's ok only, not so spicy. Then I said ok lor. Who knows it happens to be SUPER SPICY that I didn't even finish it and Panjang finished it. O.o VERY GENG oh. However, he's suffering from sore throat now. Wuahahahaha!

Papa's Eel Tamago Don. Tasted quite nice! =)

Clement's Chicken Teriyaki Don. I didn't try it but Clement was satisfied with it. Should be ok eh since he's quite choosy when it comes to food. LOL

Father and son. Look alike not??

Mother and daughter. NO DOUBT. LOL

Erm, husband and wife? LOL. My papa super 'yeng' one. Haha! Cool leh!

I didn't capture photo of myself on the spot so I show an old photo of me lar!

 Ignore the very messy table ok. =.=

Free red packets are given for every purchase above RM60. 

CNY is coming and I guess those crazy ang pao collectors are ready to spend money for the red packets! Rest assured that I'm not one of the crazy collectors so I won't simply spend my money for ang pao. LOL. Btw, E Love House is giving out free red packets too with every purchase above RM15!! Come and pay us a visit ya! Waiting for you~~ XD

Greeting from E Love House. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! =D

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    btw, i can see ur PApa is getting fatter!!=D
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