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Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year update!

Hi all, hope you all have not forgotten me yet. It's been more than one week since I last updating my blog. Always wanted to update but then I was really fed up with the stupid louzy line (Yes, my broadband reached its limit again) so I procrastinated until now that I need to struggle waiting for all the photos to be uploaded. I feel that my broadband's speed is limited for 3/4 of the month. =.=

This post will be a long post too sharing with you all how my CNY was. So, start with the CNY eve!!

Ten dishes prepared by Jennifer and Panjang!! Woohoo!!

It's necessary for a family to gather and enjoy the dinner during CNY eve. This year, my third brother, Vincent's family didn't come back for CNY and my elder brother celebrated CNY at his own house so there were only my parents, Panjang's family, my sis and me enjoying all the food!! Gonna be a fatty soon! XD

Firecrackers before dinner! =D

Four fireworks in a row. 

Actually there was a lot of fireworks picture but I was lazy to upload. Mostly I recorded video rather than pictures cause I always fail to take pretty pictures. Planned to upload videos BUT the line doesn't allow. Bo bien lor.. LOL

We are ANGRY BIRDS family! =)

We wore our pyjamas while watching fireworks. LOL. All credited to my super sis-in-law, Jennifer for making the pyjamas! Thank you very much! =D

Then, the first day of CNY!

Parts of my family! =D

Papa was wearing the shirt I bought!! And I remembered that he wore the same shirt on the second day then suddenly he realized and said :" Ei, yesterday already wore this shirt, cannot wear liao lor, later I changed ". LOL, papa, you really love the shirt I bought hor. LOL

Clement, Lawrence, Elaine, Selina and Steven!

Lily (Cousin's wife, how do I call her? Sis-in-law too?), Ming (Cousin), Me, Jennifer (Sis-in-law) and Lang King (Sis-in-law). Photo taken outside cousin's house. =D

After that, we went to Sarikei to visit Jennifer's bro's house! =D

On the way to Sarikei, me and Elaine started to take photos. LOL

Take 1.

Then she wasn't satisfy and she requested for one more.

Take 2.

Finally she was satisfied because she wanted to show her colored nails. LOL

Kinda like this photo coz my face looks sharp!! Angle problem I know. LOL

Wuahahahaha my papa was being caught while he was practicing longevity treatment!! Cute not? LOL

It was raining that afternoon and we all walked to my brother's house and uncle's house which are located nearby to my house with umbrellas.

And that's me being caught while taking pictures of the umbrellas. LOL

Me with cute Hieng Wei! XD

See my red face? Tuak got me like that. LOL

Then, the second day!

I woke up at around 8am and got myself ready coz my cousin said that she'll be coming at around 9am. Then, suddenly she called and said that they'll be late. Then I just stayed at home and served the relatives who came. I waited until almost 3pm then only I met up with my cousins and friends. Tired with the long wait. LOL =.=

The mirror is too dirty. LOL

At night, I followed my family to visit my relatives' house and then went to Yes Club with Joyful. Not much photos taken that day. =P

Then, the third day! =D

Actually I had to go to Jelline's house at 930am to meet with others but then my eyes were too painful so I didn't go. I rested at home and waited for them to come! Then I followed them to visit other's house. It's good to meet with old friends to update current news and we've known each others for more than 10 years! Nice to have you all as my friends! Yvonne, Jelline, Ing Ming, Annie, Leh Ming and Jenny! =D

Mata sakit so no contact lens. 

There were a lot more photos taken using Ing Ming's camera. I haven't got the photos yet so that's all for third day! LOL.

Oh ya, almost forgot, there was a group of friends visiting my house that night.

Ta da~ See the stupid Nana Kiu behind me? LOL. Thanks for coming! =)

Followed by the fourth day. =D

Dress from D&D and only RM30. LOL

That morning, I followed Panjang to visit his colleagues' house which I know none of them. So I just smile smile said Happy New Year smile smile sit down smile smile eat keropok smile smile take angpao smile smile said Thank You smile smile walk away. SMILE SMILE all the time. LOL

Then, I started to take photo with my nephew and niece in the car again! XD

LOL! Very wuliao is it!! Hahahaha.. 

After that, I visited some friends' house at night and that marked the end of the fourth day. XD

Finally, fifth day. Supposed to be at shop for the whole day but I didn't show up for the whole day. Wuahahahaha. It was because Jacqueline, Karen and King Hua were visiting me that morning so I had to stay at home. After that, it's 12nn and I needed to meet my practical colleagues at Red Carrot Cafe. LOL

Taken while the car stopped at traffic light. I WAS THE DRIVER!! LOL

Tony and I. Not ready yet ok Candy... 


Met with Tony, Candy and Su Yea for lunch. Tzeying and Mei Chee didn't show up coz they were busy. Then the rest were not from Sibu. After that, we visited Tony''s, Su Yea's and Tzeying's house.

This's Tzeying's super cute Muffin! He's sooooo steady! =D

That's all for my CNY update. Wish you all Happy Lunar New Year and all the best for 2012! =D


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