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Saturday, January 7, 2012

My First Post For 2012

Hi all. I've been missing for around half month. I hope you all have not forgotten me. LOL. My stupid broadband is being SUCKS all this while and finally I can update my blog now. T^T Thank GOD!!

This post will be an update about what had I been doing and eating during last few weeks. LOL.

First of all, it would be my trip to Kuching on 19 December 2011 for Nana's birthday. It was a secret move and Nana didn't know about it. So, shhh.... Keep your mouth shut. XD

Had my dinner at Porkie that day. This long dog not bad oh! =D

Actually Peggy had planned to bring Nana to McD after 12am and by that time, a group of us should be ready waiting for her at McD but then the plan failed because Nana was sleeping. At the same time, we were being considerate that she might be busy with her assignments and FYP therefore we decided to celebrate her birthday at her house but not McD.

We brought along Harris as an added surprise to her. =D

I hide myself in a room located downstair. Then, when Nana came down, they all sang the birthday song to her and I remained staying in the room. They then forced her to go in the room and her first reaction when she saw me = threw her tupperware bottle towards me and the second reaction = kicked me. Swt.

Harris and Nana with sweet smiles. I have to clarify that they are just friends! =D

My pretty dear Joan and the stupid me. I didn't know that I was captured in this photo. =.=

Group photo take 1. A nice one!!

Group photo take 2. Harris closed his eyes! =D

This is the star that I gifted to Nana. It can shine!! =D

And a customized badge purchased from HERE. Ask me for more info! =)

I slept at around 7am accompanying Nana while she was doing her assignment and I woke up at around 3+pm. LOL. I was languished during those days due to lack of sleep. Oops, it shouldn't be lack of sleep, it should be bad quality of sleep especially I missed the golden sleeping time. LOL

Brought Nana out to Taipei 101 for dinner on her birthday. =D

My 阳春面. Not bad too! =D

After sending them back, I went to town again to meet Dr. Lee, Meldon and Aaron. Didn't take any photo of the food we ate but I would like to thank Dr. Lee for the treat. =D

That night, I went to CAIS with Nana and Joan until around 3+am. Although I had graduated already, it was my first time to stay in CAIS until sooooooo late. I have never been so hardworking during my uni time. What did I do? Hmm, I was gossiping about celebrities and dramas in forum. That's why I wasn't sleepy at all! LOL

During Winter Solstice Festival, I went back to my brother's house for dinner.

Tadaa~ Delicious dishes!!

Dumplings = MUST for winter solstice. And it was my first time eating colored dumplings!

Tasted soo nice that way!!! OMG!! 

During my days with Nana, I lend her a hand with her assignment.

I helped to cut the cardboard so that she could pass up the photos. I also helped to type the description. 

And I got a Dutch Lady chocolate flavoured milk as my reward. o.O

Not forget to mention this fried rice and... erm... half hangus fillet and pork. LOL. Btw, they tasted nice lor. Nana, thanks for the treat and I didn't even have to wash the plates. The very kind Nana Kiu did all the job. XD

Honestly I don't really remember every details so I jump to Christmas Eve now. =P

As usual, I slept until noon time and went to Tarot Cafe for dinner. =)

Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang. Should be my second try already. =)

I forgot its name. =.=" Not bad lor.

Takoyaki. Quite nice. Should have brought Clement for this last time. XD

This one not bad only lor. =)

Then, we spent our night by singing our guts out at K Box, The Spring.

Me with Nana. Look fat in this photo. (Ok, in fact I'm fat too. LOL)

Got to know new friends, Yan Yee and Yuen Tong. Absolutely perfect kaki(s) to sing K! They can sing really well!!!

That's me trying to sing  seriously but then that Stupid Nana was too noisy. LOL. And the girl with.. complicated facial expression is Peggy. A very kind and friendly girl I swear!

Actually there were other friends including Deonne, Mun Shun, Derek and Ah Hing with us that night. It's a must to mention about Derek who had been a superman to sing from the beginning till the end and he wasn't tired at all!! 6 hours!! o.O. It's my first time to join them to sing K and it was indeed a memorable and enjoyable Christmas Eve! Thank you everyone! =)

I went back to Sibu early morning on Christmas. Rushed to church once I reached Sibu airport and went back to SLEEP after that. Then, went to Shabu Shabu for dinner with Joyful and Pick Zhi! =D

Do you smell what I was cooking? LOL

Looked not much but actually we ate a lot already before I took this photo. LOL

My Christmas gift -- Lee Cooper spec. =D

Ok, I don't really like to wear spec so I mostly wear spec during night time. =D

Next, jump to New Year Eve. LOL

Photo taken during New Year Eve. =)

Went to meet my dear Huasien and Sin Ling who came to Sibu from Bintulu on New Year Eve! Thanks to Shit lady, Suok Ing's bf, John for fetching me that night! We went to Parkson because I needed to spend my vouchers which were going to expire on the first day of 2012! XD

Then, we went to McD located opposite of Wisma Sanyan to spend our time while waiting for Mei Chee. I went to Manila when it was almost 12am for the countdown. Happy Dragon Year 2012!! =D

Guess it has come to the end of this post. Will update more while my broadband is being nice these few days. LOL


  1. 初次到访,帮你按了广告哦,欢迎到我那里看看哦~

  2. Finally ur post! LOL.Happy Dragon year my dear!

  3. long long post... i wan give peggy c tat photo... n gonna kick u if i c u at sibu...


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