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Saturday, January 14, 2012


NOOOOOOO WAYYYYYYYYYYY!! Did I just make my blog a little bit 18SX? If you don't understand the comic then congratulation! You're a very pure and innocent people. Keep it up! If you understand, give it a laugh and FORGET IT please. 

Actually I've been fighting among myself whether to upload this or not. The drawing's been done last week because the incident happened last last week (NO, It didn't mean that the comic shows my real thinking)  and finally I chose to upload. Do not ask me why. XD 

It's a kind of finger-guessing game where it can be played in two condition. For the first type, you only have to play with one hand and remember that scissor WINS paper, paper WINS rock and rock WINS scissor. Both side will start to shout the slogan and show either scissor, paper or rock to see who's the winner.

But for the type I showed in the comic above, it doesn't care whether who WINS who but you have to beware to show the same gesture as the opponent. For this type, both hands are needed. You need to remember that scissor = jik, rock = guk and paper = bang! Each person takes turn to be the leader to shout the gesture you show while you are changing the gesture.

For example, 

When you show scissors, you have to shout JIK JIK while you're changing. 

Two rocks = GUK GUK,

Two papers = BANG BANG!

So if you show one scissor and one rock, you have to shout JIK GUK! Weird huh! And you have to shout really loud so that your opponent will show whatever you shout unconsciously. If he/she shows the same gesture as you show then you are the WINNER! Deng deng deng deng!

Argh.. I dunno how to make it clear but just ignore it. Guess you guys won't be interested in such childish game too. LOL. The megusta face was grabbed from a site introducing all the rage faces which got more and more famous nowadays. Click HERE if you wish to know a list of funny rage faces.

Not sure about other places but that's how I play the finger guessing game since young. And I have no idea why Jik = scissor Guk = rock and Bang = paper. They are not even match with my foochow dialect. =.=

I've just set up a fan page for Peary Land not to gather the so called 'fans' of this place but rather to gather my readers so that I can get more opinions easily. Of coz, it eases the promotion job too! Don't forget to like it ya! Thank you very much! =D

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