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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Short Update =D

Went for photo shooting last Monday morning with my family at Yokit Studio near Star Mega Mall. Woke up at 8am to bath and apply make up! Spent for more than 1 hour to finish the make up and dressing then Jennifer helped me to design my hairstyle! The make up wasn't really heavy but I spent a lot of time to cover my stupid pimples. =(

There were only my parents, Panjang's family, my sis and I went for the photo shooting. Kinda excited what. LOL. It's the very first time for us to take family photo in studio! LOL

My papa busy wearing the coat. =D

Jennifer helped my papa to wear the coat. LOL

Panjang's family's turn. My bro Panjang got handsome not!? Got hor. LOL

There got a big big mirror so that you can always check for your perfect look!

Just can't wait for the outcome! Will share them together with my graduation photos. I got them already but haven't shared them out here yet. Hehe..

Oh ya, Valentine's Day is coming. How have you prepared? 

Tried to fold a rose made with money yesterday but failed miserably. So ugly duh! =.=


Made with 12 papers of RM1 and 2 papers of RM5. LOL

Then, I gave up on the rose and started to make hampers for Valentine's Day! =D
Can see or not? LOL

I spent the whole day yesterday wrapping all those hampers with my employee yesterday. The photos look OK but actually they were quite ugly!! Wuahahahaha. A clumsy person like me can never do those jobs good. Tangan macam kaki. What to do? Haih.

Sorry for acting cute. LOL. Life's been quite boring these few days. Will update soon coz my broadband renewed dy! Woohoo! So happy! Dunno what to write anymore so just stop here lah. LOL


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