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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine today! Had been busy for last few days since there were quite a lot of customers coming for gifts for their beloved partners. It's fun to see different kinds of customers with different attitudes.

Some were very generous asking for the most expensive things as long as the products are with good quality. Some were stingy to cut everything to its lowest price and some were too shy to admit that they are actually looking for Valentine's gift. LOL. Coz normally we'll try to ask whether customers are looking for what kind of gifts so that we can help at our best. And there was one girl who came just now asking me to help her to decorate a bottle of Cola and a piece of cake. It's valentine's gift for her mama from her papa. 

Weird combination. LOL

And I was like:" Waihar?? Like this also can? A bottle of Cola and a piece of cake as valentine's gift!? You win liao lor." LOL

So how's your Valentine's plan? I would not ask how's your valentine coz normally the climax happens at night. LOL. So are you excited for the climax now?

Flower isn't necessary for Valentine's Day but it plays an important role. And nowadays there were a lot of different kind of flowers for examples roses made with real money. There are gold roses too!

Roses made with real notes.

And gold roses look like this. =)

Well, I'm not really into flower actually coz I think they are useless. LOL. Sorry for the mean description. But if anyone wanna give me flower just go ahead I don't mind one. LOL. However, I do sell flowers in my shop. Hahaha!

Oh ya, found an article on net showing flowers suitable for different horoscope. The flowers are amazing!!


Taurus (Ellen and Leh Min's horoscope!)

Germini (Jelline and Ing Ming's horoscope!)

Cancer (Jacqueline's horoscope!)


Fyi, I'm a Leo! Anyone wanna give me a bouquet of roses like this!? Looks so HOT! XD


Libra (Beloved Rebekah's horoscope!) =')

Scorpio (My dear Joan's horoscope!)

Sagittarius (Stupid Nana and pretty Annie's horoscope!)

Capricorn (My dear Ah Hua's horoscope!)

Aquarius (Pretty Yvonne's horoscope!)

Pieces (Shit Lady and Karen's horoscope)

Then, I show you the meaning of contrast. LOL

The roses made of clothes from my shop. Big difference eh? One is heavenly pretty this one is ugly. But it's not expensive lor. One for RM3.90 and three for RM10.


Memang got people don't even wanna spend RM3.90 to buy one flower for his gf lor. He said :" Ei, nanti mahal mahal sangat oh. Saya sudah beli kad kan?"

LOL, and the card he mentioned costed him RM1.20. XD

Tadaa~ I love this bear oh! Three different colors: brown, pink and white but white is sold yesterday.
*New update before I click the PUBLISH button, the brown bear is sold too. LOL

So far I have received two valentine gift.

1. A call for interview tomorrow.

2. Nuffnang cheque! (Finally! I've waited for 2 months ok!)

Will share more tomorrow. If you don't mind you can share with me about your valentine's day too! 

Enjoy everyone! =)


  1. Souds you had a blast hun! ;) Mine was not that special as you :p But I got a necklace with a lil Diamond ... from my customer.... LOL LOL

  2. Wow! Necklace with diamond? How dare you said that your Valentine wasn't special!!


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