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Thursday, February 23, 2012

About V Day and The Recent Me

It has been one week since my last update. First of all, I apologize for my laziness. LOL. I've been extremely busy (Too exaggerated I know) during V day in my shop. I wonder why people only buy gift for their beloved one once in a year only. LOL.

Ok, talk about my V day first.

As I mentioned in my last post, the first V day gift would be the call for interview. =)

It's a Pharma Sales job and I went for the interview on 15 Feb already. Honestly, to me, the job is OK but for my parents, the job is very NOT OK coz it requires me to travel to other places like Bintulu and Miri alone every month. But if for places like Sarikei, Kapit or Limbang I only have to travel to those places occasionally like once in every three months. Still, I have to travel alone.

They called me this morning saying that they had sent the offer letter to me already and I AM NOT SURE WHETHER TO TAKE THE JOB OR NOT! Haven't really carry out a deep talk with my parents yet.

If I accept the job, I'll be going to KL on 29 Feb for training for 9 days. HOW!? LOL

Second gift, Nuffnang Cheque I received. =)


My earning from Feb 2011 until Dec 2011. Not too much I know. But better than none right!? Waited for around 2 months after I clicked the Cash Out button. From what I read from other bloggers, most of them got the cheque within a month. Therefore I thought I might not get the cheque already and I totally forgot about it who knows it gave me a surprise right before V Day! ^^V

Then, on the V Day, I went to Uncle Dom Cafe for dinner. ^^

Had a candlelight dinner (Should call it supper coz it was around 9 sth already). LOL

Taiwan Sausage -- RM7.20

Chicken Chop + Mushroom Sauce -- RM12.90

Well, there are more gifts that I received but I'm not going to share them out here. Low profile low profile. Haha!

And then, when I got more free, then I started to watch the drama, Rookies' Diary (新兵日记). It's actually an old drama from Taiwan but HOW COME NOW ONLY I START WATCHING IT!! It's so damn nice and funny! Definitely laugh till rolling on the floor from the beginning till the end. Nah, no exaggeration element used here. LOL.

Some of the main actors of the drama.

And then, I would like to introduce a handsome guy named Penber (潘柏希) from that drama who I love so much recently. I online and search about his info and videos almost every night. LOL

Handsome or not? LOL

Very cute right! Haha

End my post here coz I need to watch other dramas already. My life is just about Drama-ing! LOL

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  1. 你要在月尾按cash out. 哈哈,我上次也是笨笨的,月头就不小心按到,结果也是等两个月多那样。他们都是月尾才settle 这些东西呢~><


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