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Monday, February 27, 2012

Be Luxury Babe

What is another difference you can see in me except my short hair?

Guess it's hard to find out in photo that I actually change my lens. The old one always makes my eyes so painful and sore therefore I decided to buy a new pair of lens and that's the result. Actually the enlarged colored lens sold on market nowadays can be used for 1 year IF ONLY YOU TAKE EXTENSIVELY GOOD HYGIENIC CARE of the lens. Apparently I'm not that type of girl so I better buy a new pair of lens to avoid my eyes from any diseases. LOL

The brand I bought. Be Luxury Babe. =)

Bought it from pretty lady Si Ting who set up a small stall right in front of my shop. She's super nice what and pretty too! XD

Few more photos below. LOL

Like this can see it clearly or not?

I prefer natural lens such as grey or brown colors but I don't the black one. It makes my eyes look so dull. For this one, the color is somehow lighter than the old one and honestly I got quite frustrated at first when I got it. So far it's still ok for me lar. Got used to it already. (Although today is the second day only.) LOL

Tadaa~ Me in the mirror.

Ok, I know it's time to wipe my mirror. So damn dirty ler!! LOL

Visit to Luxury Babe's official website HERE and look for the lens that suit you the best! =)

Oh ya, a slight update. I've rejected the job offer coz my mama was so determined to say CANNOT accept the job. T^T Then.. how am I going to survive without a job!?


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