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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Has Come!

Hello? Hello! I was on phone while taking this photo! LOL

I've been really lazy these days to update a proper blog post. The major reason is that I have nothing to post actually. There's nothing special happens around, and I'm not going anywhere as well although I wish to travel very much. LOL.

Employ a new employee in my shop and that means I AM TOTALLY FREE at home and that's when my life starts to get really boring. T^T

Oh ya, went to Ipoh Town Kopitiam which is newly opened in Sibu (Not really new lar but it was my first time going there) last night.

I'm not a coffee lover so I am not passionate to pay it a visit. =P

Ipoh Town White Coffee - RM2.60
Erm, just taste like ordinary coffee. 

Cincau C - RM3.00
Well, it's not special too. An ordinary drink which you can have it anywhere.

Garlic Bread - RM3.40
This is 'super garlic'. There is really TOO MUCH garlic and I DON'T LIKE IT! >.<

Kaya & Butter Toast - RM1.60
If you are seeking for surprise then please forget it.

Sam Bou Fan - RM7.50
I didn't eat it but my friend didn't finish it. There's no surprise too! o.O

I've been sticking together with my Flyer all the time nowadays and I totally neglected my lappy. And I always use the front camera of the Flyer to take photo anytime at any place. (Only in my house ok)

Took picture while doing nothing in the living room!

Even took picture when I was watching TV. LOL

Ok, end of blur photos.
End this post with a better solution photo. =D

Oh ya, please like my page ya! Not to gather the so called 'fans' but to make more FRIENDS! Thanks a lot! ^^


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