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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Makan Makan At The Cafe Ind, Sibu

The main door of The Cafe Ind. =)

Went to The Cafe Ind with my friend last night. As a Sibuan, it's shame that I don't know the existence of such cafe. LOL. It's located near the Noodle House and to my surprise, the cafe is quite pretty and comfortable!

The name of the cafe reveals its cuisine. The Ind can stand for both INDonesian and INDian. When you mention Indonesian cuisine or Indian cuisine, the first thing that come to your mind should be 'HOT & SPICY'. It's the same for me. And the second thing I think about would be my pimples. >=(

They provide three menus. One for Indonesian cuisine, one for Indian cuisine and one for beverages & desserts. Basically the price is quite expensive where canned drink costs RM5 and juices costs RM8.

Lemon Tea - RM5.00
Not much surprise. LOL

There are a lot of food provided and most of the names are weird and unfamiliar for me such as Tandoori Chicken, Lady Finger Masala, Aloo Jeera and bla bla. Do you understand that!? LOL

Don't worry, there are descriptions below each name so that you know what's it. LOL

Butter Chicken Curry -- RM15.00
Special Tandoori Chicken pieces cooked with special butter curry (tomato puree, cloves, nutmeg & cinnamon) served with long grain Basmati rice, salad & papadam.

I must say that this is really delicious. The rice is so special and not sticky at all. And the chicken meat is soooo tender and it is really served best with the curry. The curry is not really spicy but still it is very rich. The salad is somehow different from the salad we always have. And the papadam (should be the keropok) is very salty. LOL. Btw, it is really a delicious and tasty dish that I will definitely try again!

Back to the interior design, the cafe is really comfortable.

An elephant welcoming every customers at the main door. =D

Oh ya, there is one very good thing about this cafe is that there is no service charge applied! This is rare but definitely good news for consumers! ^^

Feel free to dine in and enjoy the food from different cultures! =D

The Cafe Ind
2A & 2B, Laichee Lane,
Sibu, Sarawak


  1. Well! when the cafe is quite pretty and comfortable and no service charge applied! If the price of the drink is quite expensive. Thatt is where they may made some profit to cover the cost. May be that is the reason why Sibu have so many Kopitiam. Ha!ha!

    1. Yeah, you are right but that happens to be my only time visiting them. Haven't visited them for second time until now. LoL


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