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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Which One Do You Prefer?

Found this list of TVB actors from Cari Forum therefore I would like to share them here. The overall comment I got from the forum was that most of the pictures are some kind of girly. LOL. And I really dunno some of them even I watch TVB dramas.

If I really have to pick, I would pick Cholam (王祖蓝) as the most special one since I really laugh out loud when I see his photo. LOL. So cute what!

Although I like Bosco (黄宗泽) after watching the laughing sir drama but I still prefer his look with his beard on. LOL. Look more 'man'. However, from the photo above, he looks weird. =(

If I were to pick the most handsome, I would pick either Kenneth (马国明) or Ron (吴卓曦) although Edwin (萧正楠) and Fung (林峰) look good too. Well, actually Ben (黄智贤) also not bad right? Hmm. Dilemma. LOL. Well, the ranking will be Ron, Kenneth, Edwin, Fung and Ben. DONE. LOL

Who do you prefer!? How's your ranking?

Now, the female's turn!! Saliva-dropping...

Woah~ So the female's turn.. Well, if you know me well, you should know who's the number 1 in my heart. LOL.

Yes, it's Fala Chen (陈法拉). She's definitely the number 1!!

Kate (徐子珊) has the same luck as Bosco because I quite like two of them but their photos here are somehow.. not so nice. LOL.

Then, the number 2 goes to Aimee (陈茵微)! Super love her short-haired look. So cool! And then the third goes to Myolie (胡杏儿). No doubt, she looks nice here. (Does she really named Myolie!?)

Then... Either Selena (李诗韵) or Vivian (杨秀惠). Although Leanne (李亚男) and Sire (马赛) look good too! How ler!? O.O

Ok, my ranking will be Fala, Aimee, Myolie, Vivian and Selena. DONE!! Hooray!!

I really wonder why do I have to list the ranking here and make myself so suffer. LOL. Sometimes you know, people tend to compare others to see which one is better although the answers could be so objective. Being comparative might do some good to improve but if it's too much, you'll be suffered.

Talking craps. Gonna end this post here because my TVB drama is still waiting for me. Haha!

If you are free, please kindly tell me, what's your ranking? See is there any differences between our opinions. And don't ask me why some people are not on the list because I don't know the answer too. LOL.


  1. 我喜欢苗乔伟,可是这里他并没好看。 不过越来越喜欢萧正楠!哈!然后Cholam 很可爱叻~

  2. 对啊,有些其实是很好看的,不懂做么到这里相片变不太好看去。那个芸慧我看福禄寿里面她很漂亮,可是在这里还是有点输啊。她最近越来越多戏了。我看到王祖蓝是真的在店里大笑耶。

  3. 我觉得整体上,男的拍得比女的好看很多哦!

  4. 会吗?可是我觉得整体上男生的很娘耶!


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