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Friday, November 11, 2011

My Convocation (23.10.2011)

Before that, I would like to wish everyone "Happy Single Day". 
It's "Single" year, "Single" month and "Single" day. XD

Ok, after few weeks my convo has past, finally I am here to blog about it. Not because I'm lazy but it's due to my broadband which reached its limit at that time so I couldn't get all the photos and the speed would be extremely slow if I wanna upload photos. Since I know my own temper well, I postpone it until NOW!

On my convo day, I woke up at around 6++am and started to get myself ready. Planned to apply some make up but I ended up applying BB cream and a pair of fake eyelashes only because I thought as students we should look at least 'pure' without heavy make up but then I WAS SO REGRET coz everyone look so nice with their make up on. T^T

Taken while I was having my breakfast.

I brought my parents to the hall and then I met my other coursemates at another side to register and then to wear the mortar board since we can't actually wear it on our owns.

It means that I am the 116th graduate going up to the stage at that session. =)

See! We were all ready to go in to the hall already! =D

Me with the top student of my class. Gonna call him Dr. Tan in the future! Geng right?

Then, we spent our time sitting in the hall, waiting for every graduates to get their own certificates. It took time around more than 3 hours. And I WAS SO SLEEPY in the hall! =(

Then, we all went out to meet our friends and family members outside. But the situation was such a chaos due to the massive number of people waiting outside. It was raining some more. I couldn't even meet my parents and they directly went to car park to meet my brother and they went for lunch without me. O.O

I stayed around the hall to meet with friends and take photos as well.

The photos below were all taken by Ing Siong. =)

My pretty dear Joan and me. =)

Joan, me, Nana and Potato.

Me and Suok Ing. I look so 'dua ko' beside her. =(
Btw she's definitely a very cute girl. LOL

Me and Adeline. =)

Me, Hua Sien and Mei Chee! =D

That was when I beh tahan with the heat gathered inside the mortar board that it made my scalp so itchy so I took the mortar board off. =P

Joan, Suok Ing, Huey Chyi, Mei Chee, Me and Deonne. 
Suok Ing was looking at Huey Chyi and Mei Chee was looking at me. LOL

Hehe. One big family. =D

Ngong Ngiang Nana holding flower. 

Mak Cik Sally, Oops, Pak Cik Sallihin with me.
Gambateh yeah! It's your turn soon!! =)

Then, I went back to Nana's house to rest and then we went out to McD for lunch. Not really lunch coz it was around 3pm already! LOL. After that, I went back to my brother's house. Ok, that marked the end of my convo. LOL

That was how I look when I went to studio for photo-taking.
I haven't got the photos yet, so please wait for them. Will share once I got them. Got my cute mama too!

All the gifts I got. HOW NICE!! =D

Photo taken this morning. LOL

Well, thanks a lot for those who helped me all the time, congratulated me anytime anyhow anywhere and special thanks to my dear Joan who planned my schedule, Nana who offered her place to me, and Mr. Potato for everything he has done. I appreciate them a lot. LOVE YOU ALL. MUACKS~ =P


  1. 大便妹很小鸟依人,太不像她了!

  2. ngaidi...i should delete tat photo from joan pc de...haiz...
    u come kuching again then i offer meiqi tilam for u la...

  3. 木薯:对咯,我也是这么觉得,而且好像我很壮那样。哈哈哈。

    Nana: You delete from her pc oso no use. This photo take from Ing Siong. LOL. You kns de la. Offer me meiqi de tilam. =.="

  4. Future Dr Tie, faster go register for ur phd study la!


  5. Shing Cheng: I am too lazy for that. LOL. Money attracts me more. *Realistic* :P

  6. Last 2 pic de present is from? He He! Nice and cute! The doll :P


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