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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Useless Random Post

Latest me. Photo taken last night. LOL

This post is one of the useless random posts that I merely wanna write something at my blog. So, what to write? Erm... No idea. LOL

How's my life? It's still the same. Still got stuck in this rectangular shaped tiny shop. But I think I'm going to get my freedom soon. Yes, I got my employees back during December which means I only need to stay in shop for 2 days per week for December so that they can take turn to have their off days. HOW NICE! =D

Therefore, I will be going to Kuching TWICE during December. One at early December and one around Christmas. Gonna celebrate my Christmas Eve at Kuching and back to Sibu early morning on Christmas. Anyone wanna date me out!? LOL. Haha. Btw, if possible, I'll look for some job opportunities both at Sibu and Kuching so that I have more choices and higher chances to get what I want.

Then, what do I want actually? Well, this question has been 'haunting' me for quite a long time because I really dunno what do I want in my life. I need self-contentment or satisfaction to motivate me to work hard. I need challenges so that life won't be too boring. And, I hope I can somehow help those unlucky people who need any term of help. I don't mind to involve in volunteer work as long as I'm able to help people. Sound great right!? LOL.

After that, what kind of job do I want? At least, professional a bit lor. LOL. Am I asking too much? Since my course is not really a professional course. Haha. Maybe I have been watching too much drama nowadays and  those dramas are all about some professional job like Forensic, Medical bla bla bla. Why didn't I choose Forensic three years ago? LOL

I won't be update my blog so often nowadays due to the line speed since my broadband has reached its limit AGAIN (Feel like to kill Maxis) so if you are kind enough, please support my ads at the right upper corner. TQVM! LOL

Introducing a song I love very much these days. An old song from A-Lin. Wonder is it available at any KTV? I wanna sing this song! LOL



我還記得 我挽著你的手
天冷時候 一起躲在棉被中

朋友都說 你後來變真多
總是避談 純真坦白那時候
體貼的人 不再追問我
只說你也有夢 他也有夢
雖然難得 不必心痛

我以為我成熟 以為從此就自由
我嘗試著快樂 快樂卻不陪著我
愛沒有回來了 你已經離開我

我以為我成熟 以為我能好好過
我嘗試著墮落 當我想你的時候
愛不會回來了 你已經離開我

如果傻傻的承諾 現在還在一起嗎

如果寂寞的時候 已經學會去推託
他也有夢 我也有夢
雖然難得 不必心痛

我以為我成熟 以為從此就自由
我嘗試著快樂 快樂卻不陪著我
愛沒有回來了 你已經離開我

愛不會回來了 你已經離開我


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  1. 好久没来。嗯。。。那个header是你画的吗?好可爱哦!还有美女的照片 ;)


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