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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Philippines Sumptuous Banquet

So here I come to share another Philippines Sumptuous Banquet! Still remember my last post about Philippines Banquet? It was during July on Seven's birthday. Click HERE to know more about my last Philippines Banquet.

So, who's turn this time? It's gorgeous sexy pretty SOPHIE!!

A photo of Sophie and me taken just now!! LOL

Went to Manila with Pick Zhi just now since Sophie had invited us last night. She's a very friendly and nice girl from Philippines. And she's the first girl I got to know from Manila. 

And that's all the photos of 'human' for this post and I'll show food pictures for this whole post. Haha. 

Donald Duck Cake. (I din get it wrong right? It's Donald Duck right!?)

Tada~ They appear again!! Last time they used cabbage and this time what? CARROT! LOL
Don't understand? Go HERE to find out! =D

Popia~ They are not oily at all! NICE!! Since I got a little bit worry about my body figure now.

Fish Fish Fish~ *I don't like fish*

Erm, Pork, and internal organs. *I din eat that*

Philippines Pork Leg *This is very nice!*

Spaghetti!! *This is nice too* I ate a lot. LOL
Cooked by 7-11 *Seven & Eleven*

Fruit after heavy meal. BANANAsss~

And watermelons~~ I REALLY ATE A LOT!!

Erm, I think I forgot to take photo of another dish which is curry. Perhaps I was too busy grabbing food since I love curry and so I forgot. LOL

Once again, thanks to Sophie for inviting me over for these very nice food! Wish her a very wonderful birthday and all the best in everything, stay healthy, stay pretty, stay healthy and happy forever! XD



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