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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Love You You 夏日乐悠悠

I know everyone's talking about You Are The Apple Of My Eye now but I'm not gonna write about that movie yet because I HAVEN'T WATCHED IT lar! Since I got too bored in shop so I went to a CD shop and randomly chose a movie and this's which I had chosen. Love You You. (Sorry for supporting piracy)

Honestly I don't really watch love movie but as I had mentioned just now, I WAS TOO BORED and even IF IT IS NOT NICE AT ALL, at least got pretty girl to cover it. Yes, the pretty girl I mean refers to Angelababy. Not to care whether she had any cosmetic surgery before, her pretty face is just capable to cover everything. LOL

And she reminds me of Aom Sucharat Manaying, a pretty actress from Thailand. She's also the leading character in the Thai movie, Yes Or No.

Click HERE to know more about the movie.

A photo of Angelababy. Gorgeous.

Ok, now, my comment after watching this movie is: OMG, it's so damn nice!! Believe me, it really deserves the comment: "SO DAMN NICE"!

The story revolves around pretty Xia Mi (夏米) and hunky You Lele (游乐乐), who fall for each other despite initial misgivings.

Nah, I'm not gonna share the complete synopsis here because I think it's best to feel and get yourself involved in the story without knowledge about the background of both leading characters so that you can feel the 'heartache' as I felt when I know the truth at the back part. Hiak Hiak Hiak. LOL

I even nearly cry but then, I HOLD MY TEARS. LOL

Just bear in mind, it's really a VERY NICE MOVIE!

Notably, the romantic comedy showcases the clear waters and sandy beaches of the tropical islands off Malaysia's beautiful east coast. The movie was shot entirely at Lang Tengah Island, located between Redang Island and Perhentian Island Off Terengganu.

Yes, it's in Malaysia and so you can hear Bahasa Melayu in the movie. From what I remember, there are "tuan-tuan dan puan-puan", "lagi, satu lagi", "cepat~ cepat~". You ask me why do I remember? Well, I have watched it for TWICE. LOL

And, there are local artists appearing in the movie too such as Tracy Cheong, Karena (The cover girls of ifeel September 2011) and some astro artists. I can't recognize them at first but somehow they look so familiar to me. LOL

More photos below:

Love the last picture a lot. It brings out the very clear and pure love of the movie. Fate has tied them together since young and fate will never let them fall apart. (I feel like I'm a woman in love, not to anyone, but the feeling to love and to be loved.)

Not forget to mention the theme song composed by JJ Lin with the title "Love You You". 

Ok, I'll stop daydreaming now. Anyone who's reading this post now, if you are bored with the very exciting/aggresive/horror/futuristic/whatsoever movie you can definitely try this movie out. Not sure whether it's still on show in cinema now or not but you can try any other method to watch it. Not recommended to support piracy lar. LOL

If you are some real friends of mine, you can borrow it from me! Please, DON'T MISS IT!

Love You You. 


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